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User Info: KeyserSoze2005

11 years ago#1
And the fact that its a movie tie in is kinda ironic.

I wouldnt say I was a huge fan of Fzero, since the only one I owned is the GC version which is a very good racer. I like the fact that it was challenging and concentrated on driving techniques.

And Speed Racer is no exception. I am very suprised to see that it is actually quite challenging, even in some instances in the beginner class. Thats the way I like it, you cant be cheap and just knock off cars and then away you go (ala Race Driver DS). Well the whole point is to knock opp off, but they can always catch up. Whether they are cheating, I dont really care because at least there is always something happening ALL the time and getting 1st place at the end is tight. And there is never a time when I feel like the CPU opponents are cheating like in Mario Kart DS, which is just cheap with the blue shells.

And the speed!! OMG.

Also, I think the drifting is handled really well in this. A racing game is not just about coming 1st place, its about the warm buzz you get when cruising a long and you totally get it with this game.

Please don't use the word 'addicting'.

User Info: Metalemperor

11 years ago#2
well said dude

User Info: Runner16

11 years ago#3
i like that you can press one button to right yourself when facing the wrong direction. represents the level of skill the drivers had in the movie
"You think that's frustrating? Try beating Yiazmat with nothing but PAPER PLATES." -Knivex, Posted 11/28/2006 2:38:59 AM

User Info: SonicPlush

11 years ago#4
I like the fact that the drivers are actually IN THEIR CARS. Some of the games with good graphics that I have tried don't even ahve drivers inside their cars. The graphics are pretty decent too. The only thing I don't like is the fact that there is a glitch for first place after a ramp. -.-
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