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  3. The new speed racer: an example of how a generation ruins a good/original idea

User Info: imgoingmad

11 years ago#1
I would've preferred a Speed Racer movie and game that follows more closely to the original series, with vehicles that match those of the original series. This new revision of Speed Racer is a joke.

User Info: imgoingmad

11 years ago#2
Get and see the original and you'll understand:


User Info: Zeus

11 years ago#3
...everybody's seen the original, it's been around damn near 50 ****ing years and has been re-ran on numerous stations, including Cartoon Network.

And have you even seen the movie yet? You people were flipping out and flying off the handle the moment you learned about a live-action Speed Racer movie.
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User Info: imgoingmad

11 years ago#4
41 years actually. And I wasn't one of those "flippin out".

User Info: Tofuninja5489

11 years ago#5
It's just a movie. So what if they're ruining it. I mean if you've got the old school dvd's then you can live in your own happy little world. It's not like anyones forcing you to see the new movie, right? It's just an opinion.
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User Info: anotherchia

11 years ago#6

User Info: Devilman_Amon

11 years ago#7
You realize those sacred 'episodes' you watched when you were younger were heavly chopped up and edited for U.S. family friendly audiences right? The movie follows the original Japanese series more than the U.S. series actually.
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User Info: LawOfVitality

11 years ago#8
mad just got crushed.

User Info: final_lap

11 years ago#9
my impression of the movie at this point is that it's deceptively close to the classic series.. the movie is just more futuristic.

But who cares if it's different from the show, there's nothing really wrong with that. THe movie looks pretty sweet... and easily jusitfies all the liberties it took with the original.

by the way, I am curious to know how the movie follows the japanese series more than the american one. I guessed that the japanese version was far less violent and maybe the stories more complex.. although I'm not sure how that relates to the movie. What's the deal?

User Info: Luuthian

11 years ago#10
The original series wasn't a complex story. The difference I suppose is that the story actually went places rather than always being singles episodes like most cartoons of the time. For the period I'm sure it was great, but today it's just sad with a few moments of hilarity.. I mean, half the time they drew the cars ABOVE the race track. So if anyone is going to complain that the new movie ruins the series... don't. There wasn't much of a series there to begin with anyways.

And as for the movie... I just got back from it. Most of the kids in theater seemed to LOVE it. There was plenty of whooping and hollering. Personally, I actually enjoyed it. If you can remove the whole sprittle and chim chim bits and take it as entertainment, it's not nearly as bad as everyones making it out to be. You have to remember the audience is geared towards younger kids and anime aficionados too. All in all, not a bad bit.
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  3. The new speed racer: an example of how a generation ruins a good/original idea
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