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  3. So who actually remembers actually WATCHING Speed Racer?

User Info: Zeus

11 years ago#11
lawl, kids? I highly doubt you're old enough to remember the series when it first came out in the '60s. Goddamn kids watching re-runs of Speed Racer and the classic Batman series during the '90s and thinking they're all old-school.
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User Info: Dash_Jr

11 years ago#12
I grew up on stuff like TMNT(not the movie..too lazy)

Street Sharks
The Dragon
Problem Child(cartoon)

So many memories..
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User Info: nil_cam

11 years ago#13
I watched it in the mid 70s. I remember running home after school to drop off my books and then running to my friend Scott's house to watch it. Good times.

User Info: IamSliM

11 years ago#14
Im 34. I remember watching Speed Racer as a kid. Even then it was actually fairly old. I do have to say tho, I still didn't care too much for it. I was more into Dastardly and Mutley. I still want to see Speed Racer movie! :) And I will play this game!
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User Info: Gabroru

11 years ago#15
Man its bin too long. I still remember the jungle episode.

User Info: superemil986

11 years ago#16
damn....they showed it here in malaysia a few years ago.man,it was awesome,but overly dramatic like a typical anime.
and a lot of fast talking.
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User Info: ChuunIvysaur

11 years ago#17
From mista_janga Posted 4/24/2008 3:31:11 PM #002
I remember watching the show on Cartoon Network many years ago. I watch it every chance that I had, and nothing beats the revealing of Racer X's identity.

Same here. It was on before Godzilla, I think. :)
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User Info: final_lap

11 years ago#18
very vaguely...

actually I think I was first exposed to the New Adventures of Speed Racer, at a very young age

yet I remember the legend of the original series as far as I can remember (with the classic look and style of talking) Don't know specifically when I became exposed to it.

I remember down the line I saw some episodes the original, I think on Cartoon Network, I think later at night. First time I ever saw full eps. I liked it... the plots were neat, the cars were cool, and I really liked the way they talked. o.o

This was a long time ago. The news of the movie came to me as a surprise.

User Info: imgoingmad

11 years ago#19
Racer X and the Mammoth car episode... good stuff.

MOre info....


User Info: Zeus

11 years ago#20
Dang kids today wont understand the history of speed racer and his gang... all the refrences of the past now fresh to them but nostolgic for us

Besides, it's just odd to nostalgic about re-runs >_> The people who saw Speed Racer when it was still new are in their 50s and 60s now.
(\/)agic (\/)ush |-|yren
"People don't fear their god; fear is their god"
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