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  3. So who actually remembers actually WATCHING Speed Racer?

User Info: Shikamaru100

11 years ago#1
Dang kids today wont understand the history of speed racer and his gang... all the refrences of the past now fresh to them but nostolgic for us
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User Info: mista_janga

11 years ago#2
I remember watching the show on Cartoon Network many years ago. I watch it every chance that I had, and nothing beats the revealing of Racer X's identity.
Mista Janga.

User Info: GooderDS

11 years ago#3
i'm 15 and i know it, i used to watch it along with astroboy Dragon ball, kimba and Samurai X
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User Info: dreadsofcrass

11 years ago#4
I own the series on DVD. Classic anime from my childhood.

This movie is sickening.
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User Info: pliefulplied

11 years ago#5
i remember it same with the other shows mentioned by GooderDS, i am 14

User Info: Carnage01010

11 years ago#6
didnt like kimba

dragonball and Speed racer rocked!
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User Info: MrKunio

11 years ago#7
lol i own the special edition series on DVD >.<

pops is so kewl
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User Info: NeoShinobiX

11 years ago#8
They might come out with a new series with crappy animation like the Transformers on CN.

User Info: n0t_u

11 years ago#9
I remember how good Speed Racer was. The animation was unique.
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User Info: Cantido

11 years ago#10
Iwatcheditalittle, haha.
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