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  3. I'm considering playing the SNES version sometime down the line.

User Info: Miken Ayers

Miken Ayers
5 months ago#1
Would it be worth it, or would quality of life improvements with the DS version make it feel unplayable?
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User Info: Folles

5 months ago#2
The bugs on both the fanpatch and base game are the biggest of your worries.

User Info: behindtheword

5 months ago#3
-- The way skills are listed makes no sense. It was the first time a DQ added a skill list independent of spells (DQ5 had a handful of skills that some monsters learn, but they were part of the spell list). DQ7 fixed that. Once you figure out what goes where, it's not too shabby. It also doesn't list the way the remake does, in the sense that it has preselected positions on various pages of the full skill list. So like the original DQ7 (if you've ever played that), you'll have a ton of holes between skills you've learned.

-- The bad organization is horrendous. It's very difficult to figure out where things are, but once you get used to it, it's not too bad. It's also a DQ first, so I'm sure they weren't positive as to the best way to list things. The standard bag sorting started with DQ3's first remake.

-- There is a HUGE difference in the start of the game especially. Two things you'll notice:

1) Enemies have significantly more HP (not bosses or metals), and give less EXP (DS is 25% higher for EXP and 25% lower for HP)

2) Battles take longer to get through.

This is a positive and a negative. The positive in that you're forced to learn your skills and spells in the original, especially pre-Murdaw. This carries through later in the game. Leveling is also slower, so your Hassan/Carver is more likely to be in level range of gaining class skill points through normal play.

The negative is that the start is brutal. It's the most brutal start of any DQ, and probably the main reason for the universal change of -25%. So I advise to stay close to town, and level up to level 3 before tackling the mountain path. Then make sure to aim for the equipment bonuses, and make sure to buy at least 5 Medicinal Herbs before leaving for the trip to the second town.

-- DO NOT upgrade the hero's special armour. There's a bug in the original game for which no one has yet created a patch for. It removes the resistances, which are far more important than the added Defense. Feel free to upgrade the Sword and I think Helm or Shield, I forget (one cannot be upgraded).

-- Monster taming works the same way in DQ7. More Beastmasters = higher chances. Beastmasters at max level = improved chances. The tame rates are relatively low in the original game. Especially for the three best monsters (LMS, Budoo, and King Slime). So while general recommendations are for at least one Beastmaster in the party at any one time, I would add that at some point later in the game, have everyone you prefer to play, learn the Beastmaster class.

Unfortunately DQ6 doesn't have any special skills to tame, or any means to help bolster your chances beyond the passive Beastmaster ability.

-- The nature of the second town is different, and you'll want to get the Scale Shield purchased asap (best defense to Gold ratio at that point, and VERY necessary). So the moment after you've haggled down the price. I'm pretty sure I recall having to buy it, but make sure to check around town for chests, as it might be found through a chest there as well...though I'm pretty sure that's a DS change.

-- YOU MUST buy the map in DQ6 SFC in the second town. Do so as your first purchase.

-- The casino is still your friend. Slots work like DQ7's original version slot machines. Just hold the analog in the up position and it auto's if you're using a controller with an analog. If you don't use a controller, you can always put a small stone on the "Up" key on your keyboard.

-- Milly is immune to the second boss in the cave. Abuse the heck out of her confusion immunity for healing in that battle. I think you can target your characters in battle. If so, do so when confused (have Milly attack Hassan/Carver for instance).

-- The moment you unlock classes, you can recruit Slime Knight (dream cave), and Heal Slime (I think around San Marino, but I forget). I suggest using RPGClassics DQ6 shrine for some of that data. For equipment, skill and spell data my DQ6 SFC FAQ works just fine.


There are a few other things I can't think of.
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  3. I'm considering playing the SNES version sometime down the line.
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