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User Info: Rygon

4 years ago#1
I just recruited Terry and I'm trying to piece together Milly's chain of events. Hero and Carver were perfectly clear. Carver wanted to be something more than a carpenter so he searches for adventure, meets Prince Hero who needs to help his parents, so they fight Murdaw and are knocked into the dream world. Carver's body is in Murdaw's castle, the Hero is in Weaver's Peak. I don't really recall them ever talking about how Milly joined them before Murdaw, and where her body was in the real world. Luca surprised me when I was getting the Hero's body by telling me Carver and Milly got their's early on, because I don't remember that. So Terry and Milly are from Felonia, and were enslaved or prisoners or something, and were separated. Terry regrets not being strong enough as a child so he does whatever it takes to gain power. All of these characters have clear storylines except for Milly. How did she leave Felonia, where did the Hero meet her, how did she end up in the real world in her proper body before Dream Hero meets her? If there are answers for these in the game past Terry's recruitment, just tell me to keep playing.

User Info: nfrazee28

4 years ago#2
There really aren't. Milly's whole deal is a bit of a hole in the storytelling in this one.
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User Info: MurcielagoNoble

4 years ago#3
Hrm... There sorta-is background story after recruiting Terry. I think. If you go back to Felonia with both Terry and Milly in your party, party chat with them and they'll drop some info. But even then, its quite incomplete and highly speculative at best. Again, if I recall correctly. I could be completely and entirely freaking wrong. I could very well be getting this story confused with another game or movie or something.

But from what I gather....
Felonia was a real poor place to live. Money-wise and just in general. Milly & Terry's parents were... Not the best. Ever hear one of those bone-chilling stories about desperately poor parents willing to sell their own child out for some money? Yeah........ Their father sold Milly off to the Gandino family who later turned around and sold her to the former King of Felonia. That particular king kept a lot of slave girls to be "dancers" for him. Party chat will reveal that when their father first sold Milly, Terry wasn't old enough to have begun developing long-term memory; so Terry was anywhere between 2-6 years old. Milly was only a few years older than Terry. So yepp. Milly was a child sex slave.

Don't normally see story lines this screwed up on Nintendo games, do we? Anything past that is where speculation ends and you have to literally make up the rest of the story. But if you've ever heard these kind of stories (especially in real life) it would be kinda obvious to you what happened Next.

My guess? Milly finally wound up running away. Where did she run to? Nowhere. She became truly lost. Her live effectively over before it began. But then she met the hero & Carver. And their quest to kill Murdaw. Why did she join them? To give her life something that she could focus on which helped her repress all that happened to.her.

After Murdaw banished them and turned their bodies to stone, who's to say where hers ended up. But she lucked out with where her spirit got thrown in the Dream World. Probably near where Alltrades Abbey should have been. She stumbled into the pit (just like you did early game) and she lucked out again! Because she was a spirit at first, only Madame Luca could perceive her as a "ghost."

Madame Luca decided to cure her of her invisibility for.... Reasons I guess. After turning her visible to everyone, Milly felt she should give back to Madame Luca for helping her, the only way she could, by becoming her apprentice. So she's out hunting for herbs and whatnot that Madame Luca needs for the rest of her spells, & Milly ran into her statue where they joined and became whole.

Even afterwards, Milly still feels she owed Madame Luca for helping her, so she just kept on being Madame Luca's apprentice. Until she met Hero and Carver again. She thought they looked familiar, but shrugged it off as nothing and helped them just Madame Luca had helped her. This brings us to current day and the end of Milly's backstory.....

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