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User Info: davinfected

7 years ago#1

Yes, I told him the truth about him being a monster, and lost him. I didn't realise until after looking on a few websites that he is in fact a recruitable character, but you lose him forever if you tell him his secret.

My question is - am i missing out on much without Amos? Does he add much to the game? I'm kind of bored of the other characters, except Carver. I've recruited a couple of goos, but I'm not bothered about getting more goo monsters, I'm more interested in human characters.

I'm up to the point where I've uncovered most of the world maps and found the hero's home village in the real world. I don't think I have any save files from before meeting Amos. so... any thoughts on my situation would be appreciated. Thanks.

User Info: nfrazee28

7 years ago#2
My thoughts are, if you're not a completionist shooting for any sort of perfect file, don't sweat it. He's a decent character, but doesn't do a whole lot that Carver doesn't do better. His party chat and personality are kind of self depricating. He'll constanly refer to himself in the third person and call himself old: "Old Amos thinks yada yada" or "yada yada is a bit much for Old Amos", or the like.

The only thing unique to him is that he can change at will into the monster form for battles, but once you have the rest of the party trained through a few jobs, the larger variety of skills you'll get as you progress through the game renders that ability not that significant, and by the endgame and postgame he likely wouldn't be in your rotation, nor using his unique ability even if he was.
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User Info: threetimes

7 years ago#3
I stopped using him and you won't miss him. His monster changing thing was fun for a while but it's not really needed and there are better characters to use.
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User Info: culture_den

7 years ago#4
No offense, but why would you tell him that when the villagers specifically told you not to? You really needed a guide or website to tell you not to tell him that? Sheesh you're heartless, and I bet your party members told you the same thing.


Missing much? Well I used the character until the end, but that's mostly because he fit my playing style more than most people. You still have a lot more characters to choose from so in that regard I guess you don't really need him. But it is exceptionally silly that you'd tell him he's a monster. Just weird dude.
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User Info: threetimes

7 years ago#5
Actually quite a few other times in the game you're told NOT to go somewhere and that's the place to go, so they do kind of set you up to expect to disobey instructions, although the Amos scenario is a bit different given that everyone tells you the same thing.
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7

User Info: davinfected

7 years ago#6
Thats pretty much it. Several times in the game, someone tells you "don't go there." "don't do that." and thats exactly what you have to do to progress the scenario.

Same with the ice queen, the old guy tells you not to go to the cave or something, but you have to go there to undo her curse on the village. Although, I didn't tell the villager that i knew anything about the ice queen (whats up with that, by the way? Does she actually freeze you or anything?)

Plus, Amos said i was joking when i told him he was a monster, so i didn't think it would make any difference. Oh well, my bad.

User Info: Master_Gamer

7 years ago#7
Even without knowing anything about the game, it still seems like common sense to save before telling him and see what happens. especially seeing as how it's possible to progress without telling him and all...
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User Info: davinfected

7 years ago#8

I think i did save an extra slot just before reaching the village, but i might have saved over it after the amos incident. I only recently looked into recruiting him because i was getting bored of the other main characters and thought it kinda lame that all the other optional recruitable characters are just those goo things.

User Info: thunderbird006

7 years ago#9
Good news, is that you're not too far into the game, yet.. So, that's not bad..

Bad news, is you may have to start over, if you want Amos.. But Amos is completely optional.It's up to you to decide..

Also, if you have a an earlier save, then go to that one, and start from there.. Otherwise, get Amos, and start over.. Or don't.He's not necessary at all to the game. Just another character. Personally,though I like having extra characters, so you can build them, and experiment w/them...
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