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User Info: MurcielagoNoble

7 years ago#11
Hrm... Indeed. Like I said, I've never really gone beyond 50. But I went and looked.

Max Level: 99
Max Stats: HP: 530, MP: 530, STR: 140, AGL: 255, RES: 150, WIS: 255, LUC: 255

NERA (Wife)
Max Level: 99
Max Stats: HP: 490, MP: 450, STR: 220, AGL: 255, RES: 170, WIS: 255, LUC: 255

Max Level: 99
Max Stats: HP: 530, MP: 450, STR: 220, AGL: 255, RES: 190, WIS: 230, LUC: 255

Hrm. Nera has the lowest HP, Bianca has the most MP, Bianca is weakest, all hit cap agility, Debora is the toughest, Debora is just under cap wisdom, and all cap luck. Fascinating. Heh, this topic alone actually made me put down Joker 2 and start a new game on this game.

Gonna mary Debora this time. My last game, I married Bianca. She's level 50 and her strength is sitting at 63. Hrmph. Shows how much I know about the wives.

User Info: Alanna82

7 years ago#12
Nera's strength is a typo, it should be 120, not 220.

I'm pretty sure we proved that a while ago.
Ah yes found the post- I can confirm Bianca's are correct (yes I leveled her up that high) and since he ripped the stats, Nera and Debora should be correct too.

yabPosted 7/22/2012 4:52:42 AM(edited)

It's written "furora" in Japanese, although "fu" and "hu" are the same letter maybe it is just a cause of alternate/bad romanization.

I ripped the stats from the DS version a while back, Nera does indeed get to 130 str at level 99.

their HP/MP seems to be a bit off, this is what I have

HP 511 MP 511 STR 140 AGL 255 RES 150 WIS 255 LUC 255
HP 465 MP 511 STR 130 AGL 255 RES 170 WIS 255 LUC 255
HP 511 MP 435 STR 217 AGL 255 RES 190 WIS 230 LUC 255
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