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User Info: ra82064

8 years ago#1
Can't decide between the three of them
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User Info: nfrazee28

8 years ago#2
Subjective. Nera is the most magic-reliant, Deborah is the best physical attacker, Bianca is the most balanced between the two styles while still being a more effective magic user than melee fighter. Deborah has two unique starting equips, so if you wish to collect, that's her plus, though they aren't things that remain her best equips for any length of time at all, so if you sell off stuff rather than stash it in the bag, this is an unimportant concern.

For me personally, I always use Bianca simply because I like the character best.
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User Info: MurcielagoNoble

8 years ago#3
Also, uniquely, Bianca use the Metal King Helmet. I found that helped a lot, since the helmet choices for women aren't too great in this game. Meant I could save the Golden Tiara for the daughter, and since Zenithian Helm and Sun Crown are pretty solid choices for the boys, and most of the monster you'd want in the end game can use the Great Helm, it worked out well for me. Too bad there's no Echoing Hat in this version, eh.....
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User Info: Volcanon2

8 years ago#4
Bianca learns Merazoma (single point high damage). Nera doesn't, and the fact that Nera gets the mid-heal spell is kinda irrelevant in a game where there's so much better healing to go around. Not having Ionazun (whatever it's called in the english version) is largely irrelevant, too, since you'll want to use the single target spell on bosses, the daughter has Ionazun, and so on.

So either new chick or Bianca, really.

User Info: MurcielagoNoble

8 years ago#5
Merazoma? Single target enemy, high damage, fire spell?

If you're talking about Kafrizzle (or Blazemost in the SNES) then Bianca learns that at level 33. The only spells Nera gets that Bianca doesn't is the midheal, ticktock to skip to day/night, and the strongest explosion: Kaboom.
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User Info: Alanna82

8 years ago#6
Both Nera and Bianca get Kafrizzle.

Here is plus an minus of each girl

Plus: Starts at a higher level than the other two girls, gets Kafrizzle, most canon choice, only wife that can use the metal king helm
Minus: seems forced, takes the longest to level up of all the brides

Plus: best spell caster, learns Kafrizzle and Kaboom, gets a minor healing spell, Has blue hair, which is awesome
Minus: Weakest personality, starts on the lowest level of the brides

Plus: Best Melee bride, can use the miracle sword and the falcon blade. Funny personality, fastest leveler of the brides
Minus: No Kafrizzle, personality annoys some people

Debora is personally my favorite. :P
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User Info: MurcielagoNoble

8 years ago#7
It should be noted that despite Debora being physically oriented than the other two wife choices, she's still leagues behind any other "physically oriented" character. The draw to her though is her ability to use weapons that strike twice in a turn and the Hela Hammer. Not to mention there's some equipment in the game that is for her and her only. So in the end, she'll pry be doing less damage than the other two wives. Nera can bring the pain with her Kaboom spell against entire parties, but where bother Nera and Bianca shine is with Kafrizzle, doing serious damage to a single target. So why chose Debora at all, if what she does best can be done better by some other monster/character? Simple. Metal killer. She's arguably the best to use when hunting Liquid Metal Slimes and King Metal Slimes.

Also, it should be noted that if you pick either Nera or Debora, their father will periodically shower you with some useful gifts.

As for personality... Bianca is indeed the canon wife, the childhood friend. Her accent can get kinda annoying, but its nowhere near (shudder) Sancho's accent. Throughout the game, you kinda get a Taylor Swift You Belong with Me vibe. Like she's amazed that you came back into her life and swept her away. Touching, if you're the sort that likes the "married my best friend" story.

Nera is somewhat bland, but you're getting something good out of it. You got yourself there the most beautiful girl that all the other guys are after, the trophy wife. But as time goes on you get a almost slave-like vibe from her. Like she was raised from the get-go to be completely at your whim, and she only loves you because she believes she's supposed to.

Debora is certainly a challenge. Starts off nearly abusive and refers to you solely as a slave and someone that exists for her sake. But as time goes on and you continue to go to the ends of the earth for her, she softens up and you get the idea that despite her still holding a somewhat gruff and stoic attitude, deep down, she really has come to respect you and truly loves you. Also, when you have the kids, its clear that while she's tough on them, she's an incredibly mother. While the other two are more just your wife than anything, Debora is the wife ~and~ mother.
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User Info: ignasia7

8 years ago#8
Very nice comparison Noble, but I have to say that Deborah outdamages both Nera and Bianca in boss battles, and given the MP pool of both Nera and Bianca being relatively low for a caster-class, she shines rather brightly especially when Oomphed. There are also those battles where Kaboom is far less effective due to enemy resistances. Deborah is not hindered by enemy resistance tables.

Strangely enough Nera is the second strongest wife physically, and Bianca, by end-game, is lagging far behind the other two.

I do think you're being patently unfair over who makes the better mum. All three show genuine care, concern, and a desire to see their children grow into functioning adults and heroes.

User Info: MurcielagoNoble

8 years ago#9
How late are we talking in levels? I've rarely ever found a use for going above fifty, so.... I'm not vey well versed in comparisons of endgame time. Sorta like... HealSlime vs CureSlime. When they're both level 50, Cure beats out heal in stats, but when they're both at their max level Heal has better stats. So. Like I said, I have to admit I'm not well versed in higher up levels what their stats look like. But I can certainly see how Debora would be doing more damage eventually. Spells do have set damage, and you are right. Many monsters towards endgame are resistant to damage spells, and even if they're not, then you have to watch out for bounce.

Perhaps my comment about Debora being a better mother is only a result of the change in her. The way she treats the you, her husband, mellows out, but she's still Debora in the end. So to her see her interact with the kids so well may just be more noticeable due to its unexpectedness. A single tree of kindness stands out far greater in a meadow of conceit, rather then a tree of kindness in a forest of kindness.

If that metaphoric comparison makes any sense.
Pain and death, just the price of enjoying a fun life...

User Info: ignasia7

8 years ago#10
Somewhere between levels 38 and 42, with Oomph, she'll do more with the Diamond Akilics, Falcon Blade (Diamond are superior of course, especially over 100 str), Gringham Whip, or Miracle Sword.

I can't access my file right now, but at level 60 she has nearly maxed her strength. The funny thing is, Deborah and Nero both share the same max Strength, and it's higher than Bianca's. Nera won't gain str as fast as Deborah early on, but post-40, she starts growing in power, while Deborah should be well over 100 by 40, somewhere around 150. Given most bosses have low Defense stats, Deborah should be able to pull off 200's while Oomphed, with any of the above weapons.

I could be wrong though, as the first file I made on the DS cart was with Deborah, second being Nera, and third and final save being Bianca, but I'm pretty sure it's similar to this. I can't open up any of the Japanese sites with empirical level up data, so I can't be 100% sure.
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