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User Info: TTC817

11 years ago#1
I'm currently stuck on the fight with Foo Young and Chow Mein. These guys are handing me my you-know-what on a silver platter. However, I have looked on some boards and noticed that some people mention using Psaro against them. I know you can get Psaro as a playable character, and my question is this?

Is it possible to get Psaro BEFORE defeating these two? Or are the people who used him in this fight people who got him and are going back and using him against them? The way the FAQ made it sound, I have to win this fight first (since it is necessary to revive his lover apparently.) But if that's the case, how did they have him in the Foo Young/Chow Mein fight? Were they just fighting him a second time?

If someone could clear this up it would be much appreciated.
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User Info: reb8

11 years ago#2
They were fighting him after that first fight.

The main thing is to stay healed and buffed in that battle. If you have to use three to do that then use Alena to damage them. Attack with the hero when you have a chance, but keep using buff spells and healing spells.

Just curious, what are your levels?

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
11 years ago#3
Kill Foo first. How you do it is up to you, but do it. He knows high-end breath attacks AND has Dispelling Wave. I don't even remember his other moves, but that alone is reason enough to kill him first. Insulatle can help against breath attacks, assuming it isn't Dispelled.

Once he's dead, you're faced with the Physical-intense guy. Kabuff yourself senseless, Oomph your best fighters, Sap Chow for good measure, and have at it. With Foo Yung gone, your spells can't be stripped by that Dispelling Wave. Chow's biggest attack is that boulder that hits everyone, and even that won't be half as bad as anything Foo could have done to you, especially with one or two Kabuffs up.
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User Info: TTC817

11 years ago#4
My main party (Hero, Alena, Meena, Maya) is around Level 42 each. obviously I should probably go level up. I encountered a few metal king slimes in that place right before I found the Church to save in, so I'll probably just end up going back and killing some of them.
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User Info: atmasabr

11 years ago#5
Just have Kabuff or Insulate on your party at all times (having both is pretty difficult). Kyril and Ragnar are a little better than Alena and Meena for this fight. You'll need Multiheal just about every round, they both have better HP, and having Kyril heal frees the Hero up for attacking.
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User Info: Celtic7Guardian

11 years ago#6
It's far safer to have Insulatle (lol spelling) and Kabuff both up. My characters were around level 41, and I won by doing this each round:

Main Character: Attack Foo.
Meena: Cast Insulatle. If she's slower than Foo, cast it every turn in case of his dispel wave. Otherwise, have her attack or heal as necessary.
Alena: Attack Foo, hope her criticals kick in.
Kiryl: Cast Kabuff twice, then use Multiheal/Full Heal until needing to refresh Kabuff.

It took a while, but with those walls, they went down without much danger. When Foo goes down, don't bother with Insulatle anymore, just keep Kabuff active.
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User Info: Mechafanboy

11 years ago#7
Don't forget you also have a sage stone, personally I went with Hero,Kiryl,Meena and Alena/Psaro

Hero: Gigasword(did more than attack generally) or Attack
Kiryl: Kabuff(2 times. >_> laugh as they hit for 1 damage each time...)/Multiheal/Attack
Meena: Insulate/Sage Stone
Alena: Attack or Psaro:Oomph-> Attack

Managed with this party at level... 38-40 or so.
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User Info: TTC817

11 years ago#8
thanks for all the tips. I headed back to the Royal Crypt to fight some liquid metal slimes to level up a little more, hopefully that will help. I'll try out some of these pieces of advice next time I fight them.
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