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User Info: noghtmare7621

11 years ago#1
I walked into Game stop about 10:30 this morning all excited to finally pick up Prototype, since Blockbuster that i work at does not have any copies, Corporate is missing out, and I go up to the Game stop guy and I say
" Hey have you any copies of Prototype"
The guy looks at me with some weird expression and he says
" Oh that comes out tomorrow"
"Uh no, the internet and magazines says it comes out today."
" Oh, Well that is the shipment day, so that means we actually get it the Day after that day"

So i leave the idiot, go to target, And they simply say come back around 2-3 this afternoon and it will be there.

Gamestop has Truly the most Un aware employees huh?

I mean GTA 4 came out the day it was supposed to, and same with all Halo games, Hell even movie based games come out on the release date not afterwards.
Should prototype not be higher up everywhere on thier to sell list? that game is gonna sell like hot cakes, especially if it smells like hot cakes.
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User Info: ElderFreak

11 years ago#2
Some Gamestop emploees are really very dumb. Most of the time I get answers like "No idea" or "Come back tomarrow and you don't have to wonder". What the hell. Just be informed about the products that your selling!
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User Info: TheMuffin

11 years ago#3
That is how many stores are. If it's not a high profile game, they get the shipment on release day and stock it the following. Best Buy is doing the same thing with it.
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User Info: ThaAnswer860

11 years ago#4
wow and i thought i had bad luck, i have to just wait until 6 or 7 o clock and my gamestop gets it.

User Info: BlindFEAR23

11 years ago#5
yea, gamestop blows, all they have are a bunch of morons in every store and they enjoy rippin people off. i have a much easier time dealin with walmart, even when half the employees have lazy eyes lol
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User Info: ElderFreak

11 years ago#6
Yeah but this is a fairly high profile game! If you can pre-order it then I think they should at least know when the exact time you can pick it up is.
Have you ever seen a bunch of armless bears fight? That's what this topic is. -ZenMasterSingh09

User Info: NinjaSlain

11 years ago#7
This game doesnt have a street date....

Which means as soon as they get them they usually sell them. So we have all been seeing the "Ship dates" That these stores will get it shipped to them. You need to find a GameCrazy or a Gamestore that actually goes the the airport to pick up their shipments. The GS is just waiting for Fed Ex to drop off the game later tonight/tomorrow. Targets, Walmart main chain will usually get delieveries first...
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

11 years ago#8
You are the idiot. 6/9/2009 is the Shipping date. Some places might get it shipped early, most places get it shipped on that day making it arrived 1-2 days later. The Gamestop employee was right.

The reason GTA4 and Halo games come out the exact day is because they are big name titles and usually have midnight launches.

User Info: SmittyBeans05

11 years ago#9
In the computer it shows the ship date, which means it gets to most stores the next day, im going into a shift right now, but I called my store manager to see if the prototype came in today because it said Tuesday in the computer but he reminded me it was coming in tomorrow morning.
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User Info: G00seG00se

11 years ago#10
Awwwwwwwww a bunch of kids upset that your applications got denied.
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