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User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#1

Post 1: INDEX and video information

Post 2: General Game Information

Post 3-7: Radical Answers 20 Questions (Part 1)

Post 8-11: Radical Answers 20 Questions (Part 2)

Post 12: Frequently Asked Questions

Post 13: My take on the controller mapping for the 360

For all video content, check out the other sticky topic.

Or checkout this page: http://www.gametrailers.com/game/prototype/5383

This has almost every single video for prototype in HD and SD and for download.


(Note: the game information was written by Sasuke4321 on the PS3 board)

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#2
When is this coming out?

In The US June 9th 2009, June 10th in Australia, and June 12th in Europe. Don't confuse shipping date with selling date.

Where does this game take place?

Manhattan, New York, in the year 2008/9.

What type of game is it?

It's an open world, free roam, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure game.

What's this game rated?

M for Mature: Strong Language, Violence, Blood, and Gore

Who made this game?

Radical entertainment, the creators of games like Scarface and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. It's being published by Acitivision.

What is this game about?

This game is about a character named Alex Mercer, an ex-employee of GENTEK, a mysterious corporation at the root of a deep conspiracy. You wake up in a morgue about to be dissected by two doctors in biohazard suits only to find you have amazing new abilities, and no memory. A deadly viral outbreak has surfaced and the shady organization Black Watch (A top secret group of the military designed to control outbreaks like this) is hunting you down as New York is slowly attacked by the virus that's running rampant.

You mentioned powers, what type of powers does Alex Mercer have?

Alex Mercer's main power is shape shifting; he can control his DNA, and change his body into amazing things. Alex has 10 main abilities that unlock as you progress through the story missions. 5 Attack, 2 defense, 2 sensory and 1 main stealth power. Attack powers are Claws, Blade, Hammerfist, Muscle Mass, and Whipfist. Defensive powers are Armor and Shield. Sensory powers are Infrared/thermal vision and Infected vision (allowing you to detect infection in citizens or the environment.). Alex also has super human strength, speed, and agility.

That's all well and good, but can you do anything else?

Alex can consume his enemies biomass and use it to weaponize himself. A byproduct of this process is the inheritance of the victims memories and skills. Alex consumes critical information directly from the objective's body. You can hijack a military vehicle such as a helicopter or tank, and consume the memories of the pilot/driver, and then take that vehicle on a rampage throughout New York City. You can also take weapons of soldiers such as machine guns and rocket launchers and use them.

So this a game about a superhero right?

Wrong. Alex is definitely not a superhero. Sure he has all the powers, but evidently he never had that talk with Uncle Ben. As he himself said "To me there are only two sides, those who did this to me, and those who didn't, pick a side" He wants to find out what happened to him, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

So who's side are you on? The Infected or the Military/Blackwatch?

Neither, the infected don't care what you do, if you're not one of them (which you're not) you're then an enemy. With Blackwatch, it's the exact opposite, unfortunately they think you're one of the infected... Until You change form and dupe them into thinking you're a military officer. The designers call it a "Three Way War" between you, the Infected, and Blackwatch, but if you prefer one group, you can lead them to another group's base (A military base, or an infected hive that spews out infected monsters) and start a huge fight.

This game looks a lot like another open world game I saw.

Well, maybe it does, but we can't say for sure because it isn't out yet, and the developers tried to make is as original as possible (It started development in 2005)

User Info: MrBenzedrine

12 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#4
Radical Entertainment's Dev team offered to answer 20 questions asked and voted on by the official Activision board. This is the first set. there are only two sets of 20. Yes, it's too late to ask your own questions.

1) Can we play a new game with our upgraded character from our last (finished) game?

Absolutely!! We're totally against punishing players for 'finishing' a game and not letting them enjoy the product to it's fullest potential.

Once you complete the game you are let loose in New York City with all of your upgrades, skills and new abilities so you can re-start the game as an even more powerful Prototype. It's really fun to unleash the big Devastator moves in the middle of a very calm New York City.

2) How many hours will a non-speedtrough take?

We estimate that a player who engages in all of the core missions, web of intrigue 'hunts' and attains a strong medal ranking on all of the Event challenges will likely be in for approximately 20 - 30 hours of content. It's obviously heavily dependent on how skilled the player is at the various disciplines of action, though we feel Prototype will offer tremendous value to the player.

3) Can the claws be upgraded to look different?

As the player unlocks the special abilities of each offensive power, such as the 'Groundspike' ability of the claws, the player will obviously get treated to the claws changing shape and becoming more visually impressive as the groundspike move is executed. The claws themselves, whilst in their default form, will retain the original visuals whilst not being used, though the key was to make the player feel extremely kick-*** when employing the awesome special abilities of the claws and other offensive powers.

4) How will the save system work? Anytime from the start menu or from specific spots?

The game will auto-save both at mid-mission 'checkpoints' and at mission completion stage.

5) Will there be things to unlock? (special costumes/skins, abilities, etc.)

There are a large number of cool 'toys' to unlock in Prototype. Each of the core shapeshifting powers, such as blade arms, whipfist, musclemass, heavy weapons skills etc have their own upgrades and enhancements. In addition, Alex can chase down over 120 web of intrigue 'targets' so the true 'collector' can unlock the entire conspiracy backstory and make all of the connections. There are no plans for alternate costumes for Alex since he can become entirely different people - you see them on the street, you can consume and become them! You can even be a policeman if you want! [although this particular policeman could rip people in two and whipfist-jack a transport military chopper!]

6) Are there gonna be some RPG elements in game? It would make the game a lot longer if you are able to lvl up, for example.

Well for anyone who played the team's previous game 'Hulk: Ultimate Destruction', you'll recall that we employed a pretty comprehensive 'upgrade' system. We have tried to improve on that greatly in Prototype, allowing players the chance to customize 'their' Alex Mercer in the way that suits their play style. We have a large number of Event challenges that essentially allow you to earn bonus 'Evolution Points' between missions. Players seeking to really juice up Alex's powers would be well served to spend time acing these Events as the progressively open up, in order to level up additional powers before continuing the core story missions.

To be clear though, this is not a role-playing game - this is an over-the-top open world action game that lets you kick *** in a thousand different new ways. We can't wait to get this game out to our fans.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#5
7) I heard that there are multiple power wheels, is this true? would this then confirm that there are "over 750 combinations of abilities" available to Alex as stated last spring?

We have one power wheel in the game. From this wheel, the player can execute shapeshifts and turn his body into a living weapon. As the player presses the assigned button to launch the power wheel HUD screen, the game does not stop, though we do slow time down for a few seconds to allow the player to focus on power shifting in a smooth, quick manner.

Players are then also taught how to map their favourite or most often used powers to the D-pad. This allows the player to seamlessly jump into the air as Alex, shapeshift into his musclemass + claw form and even become an entirely different person by the time he lands on the ground.

It's all about fast paced action in Prototype.

We've honed the number of combinations from our original pre-focus test phase. Now that we have identified the truly 'fun' combinations I can say that we do have hundreds of combinations of powers, though it's a more tighter focus than our initial estimate - resulting in an even stronger experience as witnessed via our latest focus test results.

We're excited.

8) Is it possible to wield both the shield and such two handed abilities abilities such as the claws, or are one-handed defense abilities always going to be paired with one-handed attack abilities?

Yes - the shield is compatible with every single one of our attack powers. We aren't big fans of 'rules and restrictions' in our open world games. Prototype is perhaps the ultimate example of this ideal since it's a power fantasy, designed to let players create their own 'Alex Mercer' with the powers and upgrade choices up to the player.

9) It seems you really listen to your community and try to check out what people want, has there been anything in the game that you would have not have without help from the fans or is there anything you removed because the fans would not like it?

First of all, Radical LOVE our fans. We send all of the emails we get about our games to the relevant game teams and they definitely are appreciated greatly. It's really not enough to simply create a game in a vacuum and treat your customers like customers - getting ourselves onto these forums and treating fans like our extended family is a must.. We are huge forum readers as well, so yes it's true that we listen to and discuss feedback on our games and videos very intently. If we're not making you guys happy, then ultimately we won't be happy - so please keep up the feedback and ideas since we're all in this creative rollercoaster together.

10) How much percentage-wise does the current build of the game represent the original vision of the game and what has influenced the changes that took place?

I would say that we've achieved pretty much all of our intended over-arching goals for when we originally envisioned and pitched Prototype to senior management. There are obviously going to be small tweaks, changes, removals and additions to the final product since so many people and ideas flow through the project, though we're really excited about what we have working on-screen. It's a level of action and intensity that we honestly feel has not yet been seen in open world games on this generation.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#6
11) Will we be able to get alternate costumes???

I think our previous answer can address this question. 'It's all about shapeshifting baby!'

(Personal note: I hate that the idiots over there that let this double slip though, argh.)

12) Do we get different types/stages of infected at the same time or do enemies such as the Hunters evolve and replace their previous forms?

We have a truly gruesome cast of infected enemies who reveal themselves in greater numbers and in different forms over the course of the central story arc. If an Infected Hive 'base' begins to spew out larger Infected forms, they won't necessarily replace a lower Infected life form, they will simply bolster the existing force that is out ravaging the city.

As Alex undergoes further biological changes and develops new abilities to combat his enemies, so too will the Infected forces develop new and twisted enemy types to counter Alex. The same goes for the weaponry and vehicles used by the Blackwatch and the Military forces.

13) The time slow-downs during combos seem cool but also look to interrupt the flow of combat making it feel jumpy, in spite of this how do you maintain the combat fluidity? Can it be turned off?

The power-wheel activation will let players have a momentary 'breather' by slowing time down for a few seconds in order to allow for a seamless transition of your active power. We've been conducting extensive player testing for the last few months to ensure it's complimentary to the action.

(Another note: The action also slows down when you are switching between targets.)

14) Given that there is a hard/insane mode included, what other features have you included to help make this game replayable and enjoyable for months (or years) after its release?

Great question. We really want to give our fans a lot of 'meat on the bones' during the open-world experience with Prototype. We've designed plenty of things to do for the hardcore collector or for the person who loves to ace their own high scores. First up, we have over 120 'Web of intrigue' targets scattered across the game world. When Alex consumes these human targets, he absorbs their memories and each memory unlocks a further piece of the over-arching conspiracy storyline. It's very possible that as you play the main story of Prototype, you and your best friend could have entirely different understandings of the intricate conspiracy since you've both consumed and witnessed different parts of the web of intrigue network. Once you finish the game, we allow players to go back and have fun with the game world and finish their hunt for the remaining story pieces. We also have four different levels of 'Award Medals' for every single one of our 'Events'. [These include some intense and over the top challenges such as obliterating hoards of Infected mobs with the help of an unlimited-ammo grenade launcher, or 3-way war combat challenges where anything goes]. We'll have achievements based on a lot of these additional long-term accomplishments to keep the game fresh for a long time. Plus we also let the player keep their unlocked powers after they finish the main storyline, so they can restart and just wreak havoc on the city from Mission 1 in a whole different way.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#7
15) Do Hives and Military bases rebuild or pop-up elsewhere after you have destroyed them. If not, then how does one maintain balance between the factions if for example you destroy only military bases? Conversely, how does the player feel a sense of accomplishment after destroying a base, if it can just simply rejuvenate later?

Hives and Bases offer substantial rewards when you destroy them and these rewards can be used to upgrade Alex. You can also infiltrate any of the bases and get access to military-based upgrades related to firearms, vehicles, aircraft, commander disguise "special" abilities.

Bases are also a great source of web of intrigue targets which you can use to unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the game. Destroying bases and hives also suppresses certain aspects of what we call the "metagame" for certain periods of time; for example, strike teams are suppressed when a base is destroyed and various aspects of the ongoing Infection are slowed down when you destroy a hive. So at any given point in the game, going toe-to-toe with a base or hive, while challenging, will give you not only rewards but also change the state of the three-way-war raging across New York City.

16) How do you keep the game fresh and challenging, especially when there are many dissenters out there that claim this is nothing but a 2nd-rate gore-fest. Like plenty of other sand-boxes (As was often the case with the superb Assassins Creed), how do you keep players from bulldozing their way to the end in 6 hours and then slagging off your accomplishment for being easy, repetitive or short? How do you promote freedom and yet give the player an immersive narrative?

The key to the whole question of 'how to keep things fresh' has to come from a team's focus on mission design. If you're giving the player lots of missions, though the content of each mission is identical to the previous one, then you're really setting yourself and the player up to have a short and unsatisfying experience. We're working hard to really give each mission its own flavor and identity - from disguise and destroy initiatives, to chasing down massive hulking Infected beasts across Central Park, to outright three-way war missions in Times Square.

Hopefully we've created 'something for everyone' through our missions and through the open-ended upgrade system for players to customize 'their' version of Alex Mercer.

If a player of god-like skill happens to barrel through our single player mission in record time, then is that really a negative? It simply would show that they were 150% engaged with the product they purchased and hopefully will come back for more.

To get the freedom aspect of a game whilst giving the player an immersive narrative, one aspect to achieving this should be ensuring the environment and everything the player connects with in gameplay, reflects the narrative situation. For example, our version of New York City descends into a state of martial law and then becomes a total infected war zone that spirals out of control. The world therefore needs to reflect those changes viscerally, so one example is that if you get close to a 'Hive' base you can watch newly 'born' brawler creatures picking up civilians and chomping on their head. Buildings will start to burn and office papers will rain down from the tops of skyscrapers. I think we're getting close to our vision of a city that mirrors the narrative town throughout the arc of the story, whilst giving players an open-world game that encourages freedom and exploration.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#8
17) What do you think is the most refreshing thing in this game that sets this apart from other games?

I think if you asked all of our development team, you may very well get a lot of different answers to this question. We're really proud of so many aspects to this product. One game feature that we really had great comments on at Comic Con, from real customers and Prototype fans alike, was just how easily you can control and execute amazing moves with Alex with just seconds of training. The impact of those moves then really is skyrocketed when you combine then with hugely populated environments full of people, cars, enemies and buildings. It's kind of like being in a Jerry Bruckheimer action film, even from Mission 1.We're really proud that the intuitive control system within high action environments is something players are embracing and appreciating. Our goal is to make a game that let's players kick *** in a thousand different new ways and give players something they have never seen before.

18) Are there any military/blackwatch who can keep up with the hunters or that can match Alex's speed? How else would characters like the specialist keep up with Alex if the player could simply jump and constantly elbow-drop through anything that's challenging?

That's a great question and yes, the Blackwatch certainly DO have some kickass creations in their arsenal that can stomp Alex if given half a chance. Alex can move extremely quickly around the environment so we needed to match that ability with equally gifted enemy types. We've actually released a couple of shots of one type of Blackwatch enemy who can rough Alex up and can match his speed, though we're going to be explaining more about these guys closer to launch. Stay tuned because we have a lot more to reveal around this aspect of Prototype.

19) Have any ideas made in the forums ever been implemented in the game?

We love reading forums and ideas from the fans, although our design team were hired for their specific ideas and game vision so it's a full time job just working on those alone. Keep up the forum ideas and feedback though guys, we really appreciate the support and passion we're seeing for Prototype and it keeps us focused on getting to the finish line this June.

20) How has the merger between Activision and Vivendi change the development process?

It's been fantastic for Radical in every aspect. Activision are extremely supportive and have really well organized processes that compliment Radical's development. We've had some wonderful game design and 'flow' feedback from Activision's product management group and the results of that feedback are now translating to an even stronger single player experience.

The next set of questions is from a few months later, again, produced in the same way. From the official forums.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#9
In this set of Q and A the questions have the person who asked it's name on the end, if that would confuse anyone.

1. Will you be able to choose a definite side in the PROTOTYPE story?, On the official website it says that at some point you will be able to choose between the Infected, leading to the extinction of mankind, and Blackwatch, resulting in the restoration of peace. If this is indeed true, will you at some point be allied with one of these factions? (Ergo, will they not attack you on sight, and help you out in combat?) or will you have to keep tricking both factions into massive conflict over you to tip the scales in the war in NYC? (TheElfoftheHeadShot)

Answer: Great question. PROTOTYPE has quite a number of missions that specifically pose some interesting choice-based decisions for Alex Mercer. Some missions will actually require Alex to infiltrate and assist the military forces. We showed one of these in our recent Missions Variety video, where Alex has to sneak onboard, pilot a transport helicopter, and assume the role of a Blackwatch pilot to get some vital information. Further missions will have you pitted against the military and Blackwatch via teaming up with the Infected, though it’s important to state that the Infected will always be hunting down Alex. So it’s often a case of ‘better the devil you know’ in some of these missions.
You can also lure factions into each others paths, even in free-roam mode so if you want to cause some plain old mass-mayhem in the streets – feel free!

2. Can you confirm that combining two offensive powers is possible/impossible? If it's impossible, what about the whole claws+MM going on? Is MM a power-boost? (Prophet)

Answer: Strictly speaking, we have officially categorized both the ‘Shield’ and the ‘Armor’ - or ‘Armored Form’ - as Defensive powers. However, both of them when activated act in a secondary fashion as ‘augments’ to your offensive abilities - because of their ability to ram enemies and objects violently out of the way. Offensive powers, such as claws, blade arm, etc, can thus be combined with these two aforementioned powers, which makes for some pretty brutal attacks. In terms of combining the offensive power ‘Muscle-mass’ and ‘Claws’ - the answer is no. I think some of our fans may be getting Muscle-mass and Armor confused. When you see Alex completely covered in a black plating…that is the Armor power. Muscle-mass is a power that sees Alex grow huge black armored forearms and lets him punch anything into a bloody pulp. He also rips people literally in two when he has this power activated and consumes someone.

3. Is there a certain upgrade that drastically changes the power's look/functions? For example, is there an upgrade for the blade arm that results in dual blade arms? Is there anything that alters the power in that fashion? (Prophet)

Answer: None of the upgrades drastically change a power's look; our goal was more along the lines that the acquisition of a power will drastically change Alex's overall appearance. We have a large number of upgrades for each power and these will drastically change the way you can use that power in the game ( eg: unlocking the elbow drop ability within the hammer-fist ‘tree’ ) and also how effective, or destructive, the powers are.

4. Does health regenerate over time, or is it only replenished through orbs? (Devrok)

Answer: Health is replenished through consuming both enemies and people around Alex on the street. Health is also replenished over time naturally by Alex - if he can avoid danger. Consuming larger Infected will also provide an even stronger health boost to Alex. In a nutshell, New York is your hunting ground.

User Info: xAIDSx

12 years ago#10
5. As always.... is it possible to throw a car by latching your whipfist onto it and slinging it at someone.... I still really want this! (Sampson)

Answer: We can officially announce, just for Sampson, that the answer is…. Yes. You can indeed use your whip-fist ability to latch onto distant objects, including cars, helicopters, tanks and even people [including grannies for you hardcore players], and then once in your grip, you can launch them at objects as a living missile using your hands as per normal. How could we NOT let you guys do that move!?!

6. How much, and or what, has been changed gameplay-wise since the first few trailers were released (the trailers with the old claws)? By “gameplay-wise” I am mainly speaking of the parkour element, although, if you can add other stuff that would be great. The earlier trailers showed a lot more of Alex flipping/rolling/kicking off trucks that are flipping through the air themselves. Lately all the videos have been simply running or jumping over cars and gliding? (Nutcase)

Answer: Since our first PROTOTYPE videos, we’ve added approximately 3 years of content and polish to the game, so trying to isolate a list of features and graphical improvements would be pretty tough to do. The short answer is ‘a huge amount’, since right up to the very last minute our developers at Radical are polishing and improving the game as much as possible. In terms of the parkour movements and flipping over cars, you’ll have to trust us when we say that absolutely none of the flipping, side-kickin, rolling locomotion animations have been tweaked in a ‘reduced’ way. In fact, we’ve only been adding to that initial set of moves. We think you’ll be really happy the moment you get to play it for yourself and start pulling off all of the parkour animations you’ve seen in both our early videos and our newer ones.

7. How have you made the island borough of Manhattan, with its street-grid system, an interesting environment to the player? Tall buildings, straight roads and dozens of pedestrians can only go so far. I hear there are such things as 'events' that find the player - would you care to elaborate on this aspect of the game. (The_Prototype)

Answer: PROTOTYPE is an open world game set in an extremely vertiginous environment, i.e. New York. We’ve really put a lot of effort in making the horizontal play area just as fun, dense, and challenging as the vertical spaces because we want the action to really come at Alex wherever he travels. If you run up a building, helicopters, UAVs and Brawlers are going to be waiting. There is a huge amount of real estate to play in, with lots of our focus testers and internal QA teams spending a lot of time having fun in free-roam mode, seeing what kind of cool stunts, jumps and parkour-based combos they can pull off. We have a really large number of Events in PROTOTYPE that will push their way to the player’s attention at certain times during the core story missions and in free-roam mode. The Events have rewards and medal rankings associated with each one, with achievements tied to them as well. We’ve had a huge amount of fun just passing the controller around and seeing who can beat each other’s best scores / times / # of kills etc. One of my favorites is a gliding Event where you have to jump off a particular skyscraper and land Alex down under a highlighted bridge overpass. It’s easy to get close, but to really nail the perfect centre-point takes some serious skill. It’s really addictive once you have some buddies competing with you.
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