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User Info: kane99sg

11 years ago#1
Does anyone knows when a character is not in the battle party, what effect does he/she provides?

I know Mary's is randomly upgrade materials.. but the rest, I'm not too sure.
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User Info: lac_virginite

11 years ago#2
Stan - upgrades stat boosting herbs
Lion - ?
Rutee - finds gald and items
Kongman - ?
Mary - refines
Johnny - encounter up
Woodrow - encounter down
Lilith - ?
Chelsea - grows seeds
Philia - compounding

? - haven't seen the effects... however some people claim that lion increases the party's attack, Kongman increases his attack by 1 point, and Lilith will collect food.

User Info: Yandy_Kusanagi

11 years ago#3
Leon: Increases character Attack power during battle (not sure about magic power).
Lilith: Cooks specialized recipe (i.e. Compressed Hamburger -> Uncompressed Hamburger).
Stahn: Periodically increases the rank of a stat increasing herb. Normal to blue and blue to red.
Rutee: Periodically receives gald or lenses.
Philia: Periodically uses up a Fruit type item to make a consumable item.
Woodrow: Encounter rate down.
Chelsea: Periodically uses up a Seed type item to make a consumable OR a Fruit Type item.
Mary: Periodically increases the level of an accessory (upper limit subject to her levels).
Johnny: Encounter Rate up. Increases item drop rate after a battle.
Kongman: Periodically increases one of his stats by 1.
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