Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: marbigmarbig

10 years ago#21

You don't need the Red Ninja Suit.

Otherwise, nice guide.

User Info: Snackrifice

10 years ago#22
This just got stickied now.
Gamertag: Killer66250

User Info: MasterGamer2244

10 years ago#23
Whats crazy is I was JUST about to ask this question in a post. Thanks for the help!

User Info: ElwoodCuse

10 years ago#24
do you need the nutcracker suit? I never got it despite beating the mission

User Info: StonecutterNorm

10 years ago#25
when you talk about all those cloths is that how many you bought or in total? because i think i only bought 250

User Info: Asskick_QTip

10 years ago#26
wheres the pirate????

User Info: Asskick_QTip

10 years ago#27
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: grantcasey0069

10 years ago#28
Is keep ups available after chapter one? and where is the pen game?

Thanks for this list!!!
Lonezthe Renot

User Info: 60Stone60

10 years ago#29
KISS 20 BOYS!?!?!?


Also,the chemistry class isnt finished.I`m on the 1st level of it and after I do the tasc on the screen,they give me another one right?Well I was 57% done (you need to be 60% to pass) and they didnt give me anymore tascs.


User Info: Ventis_El_Dante

10 years ago#30
Hey, in response to some of your questions i'm not too sure about the nutcracker suit, most of the time you get the % from doing the mission rather than the reward so you should be ok, if not try reloading.

And the total clothes i listed amounts to all the clothes i bought and unlocked, remember to purchase all the clothes from the punk shop, which is listed as a barbershop icon confusingly. Basically buy clothes until you get the cool gold Elvis costume.

The pirate is located on the small area of coast near the sunken pirate ship. Here is a quick link to a youtube video which should help you out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di9Iy4s1j7k&feature=related

Keep ups is available after chapter one i believe, its located on the football field near the observatory entrance path, and the pen shoot out is located outside the gym entrance against one of the walls of the basketball courts.

And 60Stone60, it sounds like you failed your first class, with chemistry you have to 100% the class or else you have to retry the whole thing, as with shop for example. The game will give you 3 chances to try and do it, so keep at it.
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