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User Info: tatsunical

11 years ago#11
Daily life arc sucks.

User Info: GamerTai

11 years ago#12
I actually liked the daily lives or whatever arc, but I do wish it was better put together. I'm not saying that for the lack of action, but because everything seemed rushed to me.... But it just makes me all the more glad that I'm now in arc where they battle for the rings.
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User Info: zero829

11 years ago#13
Well what did you expect from TOMY...a good game? XD

User Info: Kagehiko

11 years ago#14
What I'd give to see CyberConnect2 take over the KHR! licence or more anime games in general. heh
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User Info: Dr4G0nZ

11 years ago#15
Daily Life arc wasn't bad.

User Info: Schabrak

11 years ago#16
This game is just unplayable. It tried and lost 50:50. The enemies are to strong. The block button is misplaced(A)... Well I don't know if you can change it 'cause it's japanese. But it's just bad.XD
The use of the bottom screen in the last One Piece game was awesome, here it seems false. Can't they just add Combos like in the earlier games. Where is the skill left?
I did' nt even try the second fight against Balsamico(?XD) because I knew it would be lame like the last one.

User Info: smashbros_1

11 years ago#17
lol at the second fight XD, way to hard...... or maybe your supposed to lose. :S
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User Info: Genisgenius

11 years ago#18
The guard button is also R and L if you didnt know. And you are supposed to lose some fights like Gokudera and Yamamoto vs Squalo and Lambo vs Levi (the first time where ryohei saves lambo) This game is awesome to me. XD
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