Scouts OP? Also, defeat Jaeger?

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User Info: OtakuJuanma

1 year ago#1
After some stuff happened I picked up again VC from the start. I remembered a few early missions could be completed in 1 turn by exploiting Scout's high movility, so I have to know: is it allways like this? Will scouts be able to solo any mission? I know bosses like the giant tank+Valkirie need the use of lancers, but that seems more like an exception.

Regarding Jaeger, right now I'm at the forest mission, where he apears with a tank and eventually runs away, or I thought he does, I remember the mission can be completed in just 2 turns with a scout and 1 move of the tank (to destroy a tree blocking the way, I learned it with the skirimish, so I have to know, what happens with Jaeger if you complete the mission before he leaves? And what if you straight up destroy his tank? (I doubt I can do the later, my lancers are all lvl 1 compared to my lvl 6 scouts XD)

User Info: Busard

1 year ago#2
Most "capture the enemy main camp" or "reach the objective" battles (which is about 40%~50% of the story battles) can be beaten with scout rush (i.e. buff a scout with orders and run him to the goal). But scouts are not the only ones who can do it, most of those missions can also be as easily beaten with a solo engineer, trooper or lancer. Just don't use the defensive orders (defense boost / caution) and DLC weapons (ZM Kar 6+) and it will limit your ability to do so on many of those battles.

Regarding Jaeger, there are 2 possibilities:
- if you damage more than 50% of his health, he will retreat along with his troops. All enemies will leave the maps, leaving you all alone on the map to capture an undefended camp. You won't get any exp or money for destroying his tank (which can easily be done by sneaking a lancer behind him and shooting the radiator).
- if you capture the camp first, he will retreat as well, just with different dialogue lines.
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  3. Scouts OP? Also, defeat Jaeger?

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