I love this game. Just picked it up again ^^

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  3. I love this game. Just picked it up again ^^

User Info: Elektra King

Elektra King
1 year ago#1
I can't wait to replay it! As Jan would say, "I could go for another round!" *wink*
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User Info: daze515

1 year ago#2

Yeah, playing the remaster now too. A true gem of a game!
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User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

1 year ago#3
Speaking of which, I heard the Remaster added some new stuff?

I'm just replaying my classic PS3 disc, though.
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User Info: Elektra King

Elektra King
1 year ago#4
Same here, playing the ps3 one. I will def be getting the remaster at some point. Haven't heard how it is though.

User Info: trumpet205

1 year ago#5
I doubt PS4 remaster added any extra contents. As far as I know it is the practically the same as the PC version which is the base game + all DLCs.

The only thing different about the PS4 Remaster compared to the PC/Steam version is that PS4 version has remastered scenes while the PC version still uses the 720p scenes from the PS3.

User Info: Ceri_Cat

1 year ago#6
Minor graphical improvements over the PC version notably in the AA used looking sharper on the details like buildings. The cutscenes in both cases though are less than gorgeous (the aliasing is obvious at 2 metres from my screen) and seem to have kept the original scenes just upscaled on PS4, that said still attractive, just disappointing that Sega didn't put a bit of effort in to bring the fidelity across there.
I'm told there's minor tweaks to things but nothing obvious to my eyes compared to the PS3 or PC version as yet (just picked it up the other day for the PS4 and trudging through the first missions and skirmish right now). If Sega had had trophies for the PS3 version there'd be nothing to recommend the PS4 version over it except for loading times it's barely a fraction of the PS3 times.
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  3. I love this game. Just picked it up again ^^

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