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User Info: ragm54

1 year ago#1
I've completed the game and now I'm on new game plus, I wanted to ask, do enemy Aces come back in new game plus? I missed the first one you can encounter.

User Info: nosypoker

1 year ago#2
They do, as with the weapons they drop. So if you miss some aces in your first game, you'd prob miss the drops. Won't matter as most drops are not that fantastic anyway.

User Info: DuneMan

1 year ago#3
You can also get the Recon Order for New Game+ which will show you the Ace's location on the map.

If it's the very first Ace in the game that you missed then you're probably in the company of everyone else who first played the game. You have ZERO reason to enter that area looking for an enemy there.
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