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Does the Penetration potential stack with the Penetrate order? I.E. can I use the potential + the order to kill tanks from afar?

User Info: Busard

7 years ago#52
Penetrator potential and Penetration order have the very same effect. So if you use only one of those of both will result in the same damage.

To OHKO tanks from afar, it's better to use Attack Weak Spot (and Penetration if needed) on a lancer with high vsArmor thanks to potentials (ultimate anti-armor is good up to 1200 range but above you'll need tank destroyer).
You can also stack Attack Weak Spot, Penetration, Demolition Boost and Concentrate Fire on a trooper with T-Mag 20 for some fun 1000 range tank demolition but it's a little costly (10 CP).
Oi vey. @_@ I think I'll stick with LR Lance Sniping.

Or I could get off my lazy arsch and buy the DLC so I can unlock the Anti-tank rifle.

User Info: Tactician_J

7 years ago#54
Description: Restocks one ally's ammunition
Cost: 1 CP
Target: targets with less ammo (tank???)
Effect: recovers all ammunition

This does work on all non-infinite ammo the Edelweiss and the Shamrock have on them, but it won't resupply the Edelweiss's ISARA Smoke 1 even if the smokescreen was dispelled before the Order was activated.
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User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#55
Greg "dratsab" Huffman

User Info: comeatmehbro

7 years ago#56
when do you get penetration and caution and resupply?

User Info: Busard

7 years ago#57
Penetration => Snipers level 15
Caution => Scouts level 12
Resupply => Lancer level 19

User Info: Porcupine

7 years ago#58
I was testing potential activation rates and conditions today.

So far, to my surprise, and despite numerous temporary results suggesting otherwise, in the end after many trials (approaching 1000 total for all potentials combined, 50 to 200 for each) I have concluded that all non-permanent potentials trigger at the same base rate, somewhere between 10 to 12 percent. I could be wrong on this.

I tested Damage Boost, Super Damage, Runner's High, all are close to this average result. Same goes for Double Movement (although at times I had temporary results with a much higher activation rate).

Resist Crossfire was tough to test because the activation conditions are questionable to me, and also the method used to test (requiring it to activate upon selection of the unit, vs using R1 at various timings, or running in circles) may affect the results because I am not yet absolutely certain of the activation conditions.

However, I currently think that Resist Crossfire is also the same 10 to 12 percent activation rate, and the triggering conditions make it seem like more.

I believe the triggering conditions for Resist Crossfire (and all similar skills such as Fearless Will) should be: Anytime you enter the range of interception fire (a red OR green sight line works) OR leave the range of interception fire, while still being in the range of interception fire of at least 1 enemy.

This is similar to Power Scout, Show-Off, and Sighting. I confirmed that Sighting is just like Power Scout except it only requires 1 sight line. So Sighting can be activated by erasing a sight line too, as long as there is at least 1 sight line still existing.

Also, Valkyria and Masochist have a chance to trigger each time you get hit, while having under half HP. So these are also very abusable skills that appear to have a higher activation rate than most. If enemies are only doing 1 to 3 HP per hit to you, Valkyria and Masochist are guaranteed to trigger before you die.

User Info: Porcupine

7 years ago#59
I tested the base activation rate of Resist Crossfire carefully and I got 12 percent.

I have also tested many other potentials in the meantime, and other than Mooch, everything activates at the same base rate. After about 4000 combined trials for everything put together, I now firmly believe the base activation rate is between 11 and 12 percent. It could be as low as 10.5 percent or as high as 12.5 percent but my tests are firmly in the 11 to 12 percent range.. It is certainly not 10 percent or 13 percent.

Mooch activates exactly 50 percent of the time, I personally got 20 mooches in 40 tries in my formal test. Not many trials, but Mooch takes longer to test and the result is perfect so I felt no need to test further.

Also I tested Awaken Potential and Awaken All today a fair bit. I got 183/300 = 61% activation rate for Edy's Super Damage, Born Leader, and Rosie Hater averaged together, and similar results for each individually. I got 110/300 = 37% activation rate for the same three potentials but using Awaken All instead.

So Awaken Potential adds exactly 50 percent to the base rate, which is 11 or 12 percent. Awaken All adds exactly 25 percent to the base rate.

One might notice that all these rates are fractional powers of 1/2. So it's almost certain that the true base rate is 1/8 or 12.5%. So far my experience tells me 12 percent is much more experimentally correct than 12.5 percent, which could be explained as a truncation, or it could be that the base rate really is 12.5 percent and if I did 10000 trials I would discover that.

User Info: Porcupine

7 years ago#60
Oh yeah another random thing I noticed is that Welkin's accuracy is not 34 like the guide or whatever says. It's 30 or below. His aiming circle with the same weapon is clearly larger than Aika's.
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