stats/orders/potentials guide *spoiler*

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User Info: Busard

8 years ago#41
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Mookiethebold

8 years ago#42
Up we go.
passing the time

User Info: Detsuaxhe

8 years ago#43
Sticky requested. Awesome stuff.
When in doubt, keep it to yourself.

User Info: Calad

8 years ago#44
Wow, I'm so used to seeing 2 stickies at the top of this board I almost didn't notice that this one took the place of one of the old ones. Very well done, Busard, thanks for putting this together.
g50; H.A.T.

User Info: Gaelstrom

8 years ago#45
In general, how close is 100 to a character or an enemy? Is it within NPC enemy shocktrooper firing range for example?

User Info: Busard

8 years ago#46
Grenade range and trooper flamethrower are 90 range, add a little more and you have 100 range. So 100 range is indeed within an enemy trooper machine gun firing range.

User Info: Seraphim

8 years ago#47
Hmmph so I wanted an army of all women, kinda like the valkyries... and it looks like most of them are bottom of the tier lists. So unfair... ah well.
"Alors on vit chaque jour comme le dernier, parce qu'on vient de loin."

User Info: zodac_spear

8 years ago#48
there are flamethrowers? sweet!

User Info: Giggins

7 years ago#49
Does Alicia's Maternal potential really only increase evasion or is that a typo?

Otherwise, AWESOME and really helpful guide. It seems potentials can be a lot more significant than I originally thought.

User Info: Busard

7 years ago#50
When you trigger a potential, you have a little symbol at the bottom right (blue (increase), red (decrease) or yellow (special) box), move the camera to look nowhere (or at least at no unit) and press triangle to bring the character info then press R1 to see what stats are boosted. For Maternal, you will only see a blue box (an increase) in evasion.
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