stats/orders/potentials guide *spoiler*

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User Info: _MisterS_

8 years ago#31
Awesome. Requested sticky.

User Info: Busard

8 years ago#32
I just realized I forgot the deactivation conditions for ground types related potentials (child of nature, city kid, country bred, desert allergy, desert bred, meadow bred, metal allergy, metal head, nature lover, neat freak, pollen allergy and veggie maniac).
Nice guide.

User Info: dok_dx

8 years ago#34

Sticky please.

User Info: marblecake

8 years ago#35
Requested a sticky.

User Info: SkunkHunter

8 years ago#36
Awesome. Thanks!
(message deleted)

User Info: Busard

8 years ago#38
No, I won't submit it to the FAQs as I copied the accuracy/evasion stats from the official guide who were posted on this forum and I don't want to bother with copyrights by rounding them with less accurate values (the more accurate the stats are the better)

Range and AP are the same value so it was easy to calculate the distance multiplier but for height, I couldn't compare it to AP/Range. If you want to try to put a number on this yourself, I would advise you to try it on bruhl (chapter 12 or skirmish) as one of the snipers on the windmill is just between the two height bonus (if you aim at his feet, you will need less shots than if you aim at his torso); maybe Pythagore with weapon range could help to calculate it but I didn't bother as I didn't think it would be usable.
I can still say that sniper towers and elevators (upper fouzen) will give you an height bonus while chapter 17 roofs will not.

The only things that came from an official guide are accuracy and evasion values at level 20 (except for Rosie and tanks accuracy which come from me). Everything else comes from my own experimentation. That's the reason I didn't bother with the evasion bonuses and potential activation rates (those would require too many reloads for a very approximate result).

User Info: Mookiethebold

8 years ago#39
Wow, impressive! Good job, Busard.
passing the time
(message deleted)
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