List of potentials for the characters

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User Info: arredondo

9 years ago#21
My apologies to the OP... good work. However next time you may want to use HTML tags to bold the names for better formatting (for example):

Jann (likes Largo, Montley, Walter) HP 483 AP 400
Pollen Allergy-Heavy pollen allergies mean a steady drain of HP when standing near too much
plant life

Fancies Men-Having men nearby makes them happy, leading to enhanced accuracy when firing.

Largo Lover-Just knowing that Largo is nearby gives confidence and a boost in attack power

Tank Killer-When near a tank, they enjoy heightened accuracy

Extra Shot-They can occaionally follow up an attack by loading one more round of ammunition

Dbl. Tank Damage-Attacks have a chance to deal damage to both tank body and tread HP

Ult. Anti-armor-Their attack power against tanks is permanently greatly enhanced
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User Info: blasster

9 years ago#23
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User Info: GodsPoison

9 years ago#24
sticky this too please! We need to gather all the info into one topic, if anyone has the time.

User Info: lavamancer20

9 years ago#25
just because this needs a bump, doesnt mean they wont sticky it
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User Info: kingmanic

9 years ago#26
Bump for Sticky
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User Info: YoungLegend

9 years ago#27
bump for justice
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User Info: Littledgn

9 years ago#28
I have to say, the topic title needs a spoiler tag.
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User Info: delraith

9 years ago#29
I don't think it needs a spoiler tag, it clearly says "List of potentials for the characters."

If you didn't quite figure out it might do something like say, divulge information about ALL of the characters, or ALL of the potentials. I think the spoiling was your own damn fault due to not quite realizing the title and meaning of the topic.
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User Info: BrazilianMagus

9 years ago#30
I have to agree this definitely need a spoiler tag, the Alicia info (altrough obvious) is clearly a large spoiler
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