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User Info: reeceforrester

13 years ago#1
I just bought Puzzle Quest for PS2 and I'm not able to play it on my PS3. The colors mess up and jump around. Anyone know if there's an easy fix or should I just return it and look for another version?

User Info: CyberEarth

13 years ago#2

It's one of those cheaply made games that probably didn't comply with the specs set forth by Sony to ensure full backwards compatability.

You might post what version PS3 you have. Different versions have different compatabilities. I hear the 60GB model has 100% compatability, but I'm not certain on that myself. I also know they update the software in the 80GB model to cover more games. So you might try a firmware update.

User Info: derek3257

13 years ago#3
I think it has to do with your version of the PS3. It works fine on my 60GB but my bro has the 80GB and the same thing happens with the colors messing up.
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User Info: taz_8806

13 years ago#4
Works perfectly on my 60 GB. It's problably the PS3 you have, I'm guessing you have an 80.
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User Info: reeceforrester

13 years ago#5
Yeah, I have the 80.
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