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User Info: Blustar15

13 years ago#1
I mean the bugs like the one where the support characters' special abilities didn't work. (or something like that)

Are the graphics the same as the PSP?

I have the PSP version and loved it but would like to get a bug-free version if I could...thanks!

User Info: bfx187

13 years ago#2
I would also like to know if this version has the bugs that the psp version does, I am really surprised this game hasn't gotten more attention with the great RPG/Puzzle mix, it pulls it off solidly bugs aside.
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User Info: Victar

13 years ago#3
I too would like to know if the bugs are fixed, or if there's any other improvements over the PSP version.
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User Info: f_ranz1224

13 years ago#4
i know the stat purchase bug is gone. In the psp version, as long as you bought all your points in one go, the price never went up, so if u saved a hefty load, max stats easy. Now, the price rises per point as it should be
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