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  3. So has anyone bought it yet? Any first impressions?

User Info: ianpwilliams

13 years ago#1

User Info: redrum187

13 years ago#2
i bought when it came out but just started playing it after finishing super mario galaxy. it's fun and addicting but the cpu cheats a lot. they seem to pull 4 and 5 piece combos out of nowhere. if you like bejeweled you will like this and the price is only 20$. hope that helped you some. if you have some other questions fell free to ask.

User Info: ianpwilliams

13 years ago#3

Yeah that does help thanks. I've actually got it for the PSP so I know how fun it is. I know the CPU cheats, but saying that it still seems a bit easy sometimes, even though I'm not brilliant at it. Definitely getting it anyway.

User Info: aaronikiss

13 years ago#4
I just got this on the 29th and I'm totally addicted. I've been playing it nonstop. Great game.

User Info: Roninzeta

13 years ago#5
I'm enjoying the gameplay quite a bit, but the text is drving me insane. I've got a 32 inch tv, I have to sit 5 feet away, and I'm still having to squint to read anything!

User Info: futantshadow

13 years ago#6
i'm loving it. i don't think the cpu necessarily cheats, i just think that it can see the potential combos better (like where the blocks will drop and break). if you sat there and studied every possble outcome for hours you could do the same; its just not worth the time. and the cpu being able to do that only makes it more challenging. i've conquered about 6 cities so far (all the ones on the current map) i find these are the hardest opponents so far b/c of all their special abilities (mainly from items) and large hp. the one i had the most difficulty with was Silvermyr, b/c every time you cast a spell his life points go up (max and current). so you basically have to beat him without casting spells. so i bought a bunch of equipment to do extra damage and restore life, and then kill the skulls every chance i get. i am using a weapon that has a 20% chance of doing +12 damage every time i do damage so the only spell i actually used was one that kills the 5+ skulls for the chance to do a lot of damage. well just wanted to share b/c i found the strategy and challenge really fun!

User Info: radientlocks

13 years ago#7

I'm far into the story, got a level 33 char. I gotta say the actual battles with other creatures wereonly difficult for me in the first few levels. It gets way easier as you learn better spells and and make betteritems.

Which brings me to my second point, the item crafting system requires alot of luck. I was coming pretty close to pulling my hair out, and that's a tragedy since I have great hair. When crafting items, if you ever get into a position where you can't make any legal moves, you lose all you progress and have to start the whole process from scratch. The number ofavailable moves usually depends on what types of blocks drop down when you clear potential rows.A fatal flaw in the design of this game is that you CAN'T SEE WHAT'S GOING TO DROP.

You can make all the right moves and just walk right into a catastrophy.Despite this, I still can't stop playing.

It does happen in battles too, but the impact is lessened by the advent of spells and items. In battles, if there are no legal moves available, the board is reset and everone loses their mana. These situations can be bad or good depending on if you have the next move.

User Info: thisranks

13 years ago#8
While we all may have a right to our opinions by no means does that make anyone's opinion right. Yoko Hikasa has an incredible singing voice.

User Info: NineInch11

13 years ago#9
Text is small, but this game is awesome
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  3. So has anyone bought it yet? Any first impressions?
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