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User Info: Bad_Aetherius

11 years ago#1
This is a guide dedicated to the mass among us who have had troubles discovering, and then conquering the mini games.

Pan Pakapon (aka Tree Mini Game)

The first mini game is Pan Pakapon and the Tree. It is a fairly simply mini game that is gained at the beginning of the game.

Location- Mission 3- The Sword Hero

Requirements- Leather Meat

How It's Done- You play as Pan, a trumpet wielding eyeball.

1. You Give Pan one leather meat and the game starts.

2. You play your trumpet in correspondence after the tree's singing. The playing begins as soon as the tree says "Oh yaaa!" then he
starts off with...

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-n-n
3. You- bon-bon-bonnn (the bonnn is there because I like to hold down the button and I recommend you do it to.)

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-n-n-n
4. You- bon-bon-bonnn.

5. You- bon-bon-bon-bonnn.

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-bon-n-n-n
6. You- bon-bon-bon-bonnn.

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-bon-bon-bon-n-n
7. You- bonnn-bon-bon-bon-bonnn.

8. You- bonnn-bon-bon-bon-bonnn.

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-n-n
9. The seventh play is bon-bon-bonnn.

Tree- Bon-bon-bon-bon-n-n
10. You- bon-bon-bon-bonnn.

And that's all there is to the the Tree mini game.
Fah Zakpon (aka Plant Mini Game)

The second mini game is Fah Zakpon and the bean. It is gained during the desert raid parts.

Location- Second hunting quest- Creatures Of The Sand. During the hunting quest use the rain miracle in the very beginning; if done
correctly you will find a purple snail like creature, kill it and Fah zakpon's hat is yours.

Requirements- Banal Branch

How It's Done- You play as fah Zakpon, a farmer that takes care of a giant bean.

1. You give Fah one banal branch and the game starts.

2. This one is very simple you just wait for the bean to start singing and hit the circle button at one beat per second.

EXAMPLE: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o...

3. Once that is done the bean will shoot out one-three vegetables and Fah must catch them.

4. To catch the vegetables, wait for the sound of the falling objects to stop and hit circle.

And that's all there is to the Plant mini game.

User Info: Bad_Aetherius

11 years ago#2
Kon Kimpon (aka Mountain Mini Game)

The third mini game is Kon Kimpon and the Baby Mountain. It is gained during the end of the desert raids part.

Location- Third hunting quest- Desert Paradise. At the start of this hunting mission just look for a beast that is different from
the other creatures and kill it; if done correctly the Kon Kimpon's hat will be yours.

Requirements- Tender Meat

How It's Done- You play as Kon Kimpon, a musician with a set of spoons, he uses as xylophones.

1. You give Kon one tender meat and the game starts.

2. This one is a little difficult and will probably take practice. It is done by playing the toes of the baby, while trying to
re-create the babies tune.

3. It starts out with the babies toes lighting up; then you hit his next toe and the next in the beat the baby chooses.

On a side note when the o's are out of the ( ) then tap it at one beat per second, but when the o's are in the ( ) then tap then
both at 1/2 a beat per second.


And on another side note when there is a S in the tune that means count that beat but don't hit it on the keypad.

Example 0-0-0-s-0-0-0

4. The first set of toes are o-o-o-s-o-(oo)-o

5. The second set of toes are o-o-o-s-o-o-(oo)

6. The third set of toes are o-o-o-o- (oo)(oo)

7. And finally, the last set of toes are (oo)(oo)-o-o-o-o

And that's all there is to the Mountain mini game.

User Info: Bad_Aetherius

11 years ago#3
Rah Gashapon (aka Chef Mini Game)

The fourth mini game is Rah Gashapon and the giant stew pot. It is gained during the Zigaton siege battles.

Location- I can't remember where I got this one (SORRY), but if I'm correct then you get it during an actual mission or hunting
mission where you don't need to do anything except finish the level with everyone dead.

Requirements- Eyeball Cabbage

How it is done- You play as Rah Gashapon, a chef that can cook a mean stew.

1. You give Rah one head of cabbage.

2. This one is by far the easiest of them all. You have a gigantic knife, ( that you secretly wish was a weapon in the game) and the
giant stew pot throws food at you which you slice up. Very Simple!!

1. You wait for the food to get right above the top of the giant stew pot and press circle to slice it up.

On a side note even if the food is at the rim of the giant stew pot and not in the directory of above it, then the laws of momentum will
still fly that piece of food into the pot, just make sure it's not to far away, because then Rah Gahsapon can't even slice it.

And that's all there is to the Chef Mini game.
Ton Kampon (aka Blacksmith Mini Game)

The fifth mini game is Ton Kampon and his giant iron. It is gained during the Zigaton demon struggles.

Location- This one is found during the fifth hunting quest. You must kill one of your eyeballs and finish the quest; then come back to
the quest again while it's not storming, and kill this flying head creature. Once accomplished a flying star will come out of the
remains of the creature. Do not let this star get behind you, or it will get tempered and run off. You will have free the star twice,
first for the Storm Miracle and then Second for Ton Kampon's hat.

Requirements- Hard Iron (for better alloys) or Mytheerial ( for Almighty weapons and armour)

How it is done- You play as Ton Kampon, an iron smith that will forge the best weapons and armour in the game.

1. Give Ton one piece of hard iron of one piece of mytheerial.

2. This is the hardest mini game of them all. You must hit the forging iron in the beat that the giant iron is playing.

Example: Giant iron-o

Giant Iron-oo

Giant Iron-oo

It might seem easy, but it is not, due to the speed the iron like to sing at.

And that's the end of this guide, I hope you enjoyed, it and the rest, for other Patapon material, "such as rarepons, quest, and
strategies will be finished at a later date. Now if you excuse me I'm going to take a nice well deserved nap.


User Info: DruciferBriggs

11 years ago#4
So far I've only got the Tree (which is very easy) and the Baby Mountain one which I'm sucking at big time. :(
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User Info: Killua_14

11 years ago#5
^That is the most challenging of all the minigames for me because he changes his rhythm. Catching vegetables are also troublesome.
Chaka Chaka Pata Pon

User Info: tenrou_ugetsou

11 years ago#6
for me, i never had any problems with the minigames. just listen to the beats and you will never have any problems... my favorite by the way was the bonbonbon tree.. rotflol...
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User Info: TheBeast007

11 years ago#7
The only mini game i'm having troubles with is that freaking giant bean... The tree and the baby aren't a prob...they're actually quite easy after a few tries xD

User Info: sekkomania

11 years ago#8
i can´t get the flower mini game. i´ve played the desert level more than enough and killed the snail (in fever mode), but everytime i get just a stone. so what do i do not right. i also have played the whole game again but i don´t get the thing for the flower mini game.


User Info: Jasonbronx

11 years ago#9
very nice guide mate, i requested for sticky. lets hope it stops the flodding of the board asking for mini-games help!
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User Info: Bad_Aetherius

11 years ago#10
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