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When I bought the Darksiders collection used I was really after Darksiders 2 after watching a review. I put Darksiders 1 in my Xbox 360 and the opening part of being on a street didn't impress me so went on to play Darksiders 2.

After finishing Darksiders 2 came back to 1 and as the game went on it just got better and better and quite impressed with the game, pretty cool.

So far I'm at The Dry Road.
hawkwind_dragon 3 years ago#2
The Stygian was fun but took me 1/2 an hour to finally realize what I had to do to finish the beast, did it first try but was a lot of horse riding in circles haha!
hawkwind_dragon 3 years ago#3
Beat the game on Easy in just over 32 hours, but still have 3 pieces of that armour to find, either go back or go Normal.
hawkwind_dragon 3 years ago#4
Need the last piece of Abyssal Armor and it's in Eden, so on my way.

Still need to find 2 relics.
(edited 3 years ago)
Hell of a game. I'm replaying it now on Switch and just getting the pieces of the Armageddon blade. Not going for 100% or anything but I got the Abyssal Armor which just makes things more tolerable. I also played 2 first, think I still prefer the dungeons and world in that game but 1 is a much tighter experience overall.
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hawkwind_dragon 3 years ago#6
When I got the Abyssal Armor, haha! didn't like the look.

Now playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and like the character design in that game.
it's very good indeed
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Breezy_Style 1 year ago#8
Agreed! I platinum'd 2 & am 3 trophies away on 3 (w/ dlc), just started this since I was trying out my trial of PS Now & dang, this is great!

How is Genesis btw? Saw that it's a lil different w/ switching between 2 chars, but thinking of trying it soon since I kept psnow... for now, lol.
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