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AxSr89 11 years ago#1
I just started this game and was wondering what are the best or most useful items or skills to spend Souls on? Thank you!
Sheepinator 11 years ago#2
It doesn't really make much difference. By the end you'll have earned enough to buy every weapon move and maybe half the wrath powers. I found Stoneskin handy but YMMV. I hated the Crossblade so I did nothing with that. One thing though, the Achievement to max out requires you to buy Level 1 of each wrath power and every level of each weapon move, so if you spend too much on wrath powers you may not have enough to max out the weapons. However you can grind as needed.
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chillORdie 11 years ago#3

yeah, stone skin is an essential on apocalyptic(even though it's not that hard). upgrade your scythe and chaos eater as much as you can, it just makes it easier. do find the abyssal armor, then you can just have at it. i beat the game and started replaying it with the abyssal armor from the beginning, it makes it more fun. i been upgrading my immolation just so i can be on fire now, which is cool. just go hard on it all, and enjoy man.

AxSr89 11 years ago#4
Should I save up the 5,000 to get the regeneration of rage or wrath? or get the cores or w/e?
KadenKreed 11 years ago#5
Rage of wrath
ziek2517 11 years ago#6
At first all I was upgrading for my wrath abilities were my Stoneskin for boss fights and Blade Geyser for when I was getting mobbed. But I (and I'm at the end of the game) picked up affliction at level 1 just to test it out. Personally I think its best wrath power. At level 1 I was able to kill 3-4 regular enemies (not the zombie humans) and I’m at level 3 now and it really wipes through almost everything around me. It does suck your wrath out faster because it's 2 bars per use, but I've played through most of the game hardly ever using my wrath. I'd really like to know the actual amount of damage each wrath spell does at each level.

So my advice is Stoneskin (defensively) and Affliction (offensively).
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DuneMan 11 years ago#7
In terms of weaponry, the Tackle Harpoon for your sword is the main skill to get. It lets you safely fight any enemy. The alternate combo deals nice 1on1 damage. Aside from that, get the shoulder button+attack skills, since those let you juggle smaller enemies until they die. As stated, Stoneskin is great for increased survivability. It also adds impact stun to your attacks, helping you to juggle enemies. Just note that while the active drain is low, there is an activation cost. So don't spam it for each fight, but instead keep it on during tough battles. I.e. those that have killed you before. You'll get full health when you restart at the checkpoint, so no worries there.
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