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User Info: SabinVSAuron

8 years ago#1
so gamesradar lists Gears 3 as available on PC, anyone here know if this is true, or are they jumping the gun? I've heard rumors, but nothing for sure
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User Info: yonicers22

8 years ago#2
Yup its coming out for PC as well can't wait.

User Info: SabinVSAuron

8 years ago#3
now i don't feel so bad about selling my 360
Currently playing: BLops (360), MLB 2k11(PS3), Demons Souls
360 GT - T G Mike ----- PSN - T_G_Mike

User Info: Shadownk

8 years ago#4

why would mirosoft do that? 360 is getting very little exclusive these days

User Info: Joefatty2x4

8 years ago#5
There are rumors of it coming to PC in 2012, but i very highly doubt it guys. There's a reason that they didn't give us GoW 2. They don't trust that us PC gamers will actually purchase it, instead of pirating it. I, however, bought it for my 360 and the game is phenomenal. A PC version would look and handle amazingly.


8 years ago#6
i got gears 3 for the 360. the cover doesn't say "only on xbox 360" so heres hope...

User Info: hijokaiden

7 years ago#7
Gears 2 was never released, why would they release Gears 3 whitout Gears 2?
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User Info: USTraficant

7 years ago#8
Typical of Epic to do something like that- remember the photograph that showed the GoW1 PC boxart followed by six months of Epic denying that the game was in development?

The notion that a website has GoW3 on PC followed by such an odd description is evidence that Epic intends to bring the game to PC at some point. Since GoW2 was not on PC, Gamesradar would not make a page for GoW3 on PC unless they had some kind of indication that the game was coming to PC.
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User Info: Pecone_Penev

7 years ago#9

I sure hope the rumors are true, the game would look awesome on PC! I really enjoyed the first one. Now after I go home I will install the GOW again....

User Info: Wario_man

7 years ago#10
I'm just gonna leave this here:
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