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User Info: KAOS1thebib62

11 years ago#1
When is this game coming OUT?! I mean come on! The game is already made and has been out for the pc ever since 03/23/06. How freaking hard could it be to just port the already made game for PC to xbox360? Games like CALL Of DUTY 2 were ported way faster than this. And COD2 is a WAY bigger game to port over than feeding frenzy 2.

User Info: Fdotnitty

11 years ago#2
I agree ...Its was promised the summer of 2007..... Still waiting...

User Info: HavokCycle

11 years ago#3
OXM reviewed this like 2 or 3 months ago.. yet still nowhere to be found.

User Info: dementedlullaby

11 years ago#4
2morrow =)
XBL GamerTag/PSN ID : DementedLullaby
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