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User Info: RoyTheViking

10 years ago#1
How do I do a tail whip?

User Info: rsdnc777

10 years ago#2
I have the ps2 version of the game, and im kinda disapointed... To answer your question, you dont get points, but just move the analog stick to the side in mid air...it works and you can whip it out far but no points... In my version, under the profile option in the options menu, it has a record of distance driven, longest jumps, most air..etc.. BUT, then it says # of backflips, and # of 360's... Do you know how to do flips? because the moron on the bike loves to let go of the handlebars, and cmon..this game is new. You should be able to do what riders realisticaly can do nowadays...hopefully you can answer my response..
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