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User Info: M1ZZY

1 year ago#1
It's a game I don't even think people bother to mention but my opinion, it's a good game Mirror's Edge Catalyst is even better if you ask me. Graphics have improved but the first one was also a good game.
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User Info: FishOfPain

1 year ago#2
I actually liked this game better than Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
That one had too much running around in an uninteresting and dead "open world" setting. Had they worked more with the environments it could've been awesome, but that one had way too many transport stretches.

In this one, it's all about the running!
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User Info: DevsBro

11 months ago#3
It had a lot of potential but it got seriously bogged down by combat and way too many puzzle parts.

I get that making a video game takes a lot of time and resoirces and if you can squeeze more into the scope, that lets you get more done, but then you just end up with a game that severly lacks focus.
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