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zombiehunting84 7 years ago#1
PSN: ThePixies
XBL: Predat0rPrime
xTyrantt 7 years ago#2
I am on of the few people who enjoys this game. Looking forward to the free trophies...
moxxidude 7 years ago#3
Bought this game on PSN last month, already own it on X360, but wanted to make sure I had it on my PS3. Definite "must download" for those who don't have it.
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MoonlitDNC 7 years ago#4
Was just running the free DLC time trial.....gotta say, ever since I played the first demo they put out for Mirror, no game has ever been able to pull off such breathtaking immersion for me. I've actually never played the game proper, so I'm glad to have it now.

For $10, is it worth grabbing the TT DLC? Are the maps completely different from existing TT maps?

What is the chance of the online servers going down in the near-future?
AliB909 7 years ago#5
Some really interesting announcements at the keynote and one of my favourite games available for free.
Today was a good day.
So says Mr. Stewart
Alzine 7 years ago#6
I was really happy that I was able to get this for free. I'd been wanting to try it. So far, I have mixed feelings about the game. I love the free-running action, dislike the combat, and wish the HUD was a bit more helpful for finding my way. Elevator buttons are my bane.
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Crooked_Capn 7 years ago#7
It's cool. I'm a fan.
kzooanimal 7 years ago#8
I owned this on the 360! By chance i was able to download this for free during the promotion and i am on level 9 again. Looking forward to post game time trials!
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