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raydowner_uk 7 years ago#1
Looking for a foolproof method of getting sub 11 on this stupid level that doesn't involve

1) low probability techniques/luck-based techniques
2) kickglitches (seeing as I'm on console)

3) preferably a method that is so fast that it allows you to die 10 times when you exit the sewers in that completely random cop encounter. Or a method that skips it entirely.

I've had enough of this game now with all it's luck-based gameplay and glitchy controls, and just want out with all of the trophies.

Every single encounter in this game is a complete trainwreck if the game isn't running on easy. The combat is beyond incompetent; It isn't even functional. Requiring speedruns where huge parts of the game are dictated by sheer luck is just moronic.
raydowner_uk 7 years ago#2
Well obviously no one is going to reply seeing as this game is utterly dead. If anyone does can you come up with a run that just glitches through as much of this level as simply as possible. I don't even care about doing it legit anymore. As far as I'm concerned I've done it legit many times. The controls are just too non-functional for me to actually finish any of those runs.

I'm gonna have to give up on this because I can't be bothered to play "see if we can get 11 minutes of flawless gameplay without the controls breaking or any other number of pre-alpha stage bugs from messing up your run"

The time is fairly tight. There's probably 45 seconds spare if the controls actually work, but the chances of that happening for 10 minutes straight are close to zero. The chances of pulling off that run of are probably about 1 in every couple of hundred runs. You can easily run on time a good proportion of the runs, but the busted controls will either not grab, or slip you off a ledge, or not jump, or not vault, or any of the other thousand areas which cost you. Some of the times it doesn't grab or simply won't jump are just unbelievable.

Pretty annoying because I've done almost everything else for the plat. The acrobatics are easy. I just can't deal with the inconsistent controls which go wrong so often. Your almost reduced to factoring in the fact that at several points the controls won't work, so you'll die and in order to compensate you need to attempt glitchy, low-percentage methods which are almost certain to fail.
FishOfPain 7 years ago#3
Hm, what you probably should do is to check out some videos that doesn't label themselves with world record or former world record. I can't remember which video I used (it's been 5 years already... really started missing this game when I looked at some vids), but look around. Also, even if you find one which has kickglitching you could surely adapt it somehow to fit your play style - the time limit should be lenient enough for that.

Other than that, just practice practice practice. ;)
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