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  3. This is the first game to ever give me motion sickness

User Info: wantfastcars

7 years ago#1
I've been playing racing games and FPS titles for the better part of ten years now, nothing has ever made me motion sick (even first person view in WipEout, complete with barrel rolls), but the excessive view bob in every single motion you make makes me have to stop playing this after only about thirty minutes. It's a stunning game and I'm quite interested in the story, but only being able to play for a half-hour at a time is very frustrating. I didn't see it in the options (though I didn't look very hard), but is there a way to turn view bobbing off?
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User Info: zaziben

7 years ago#2
the camera is on the model itself, so no, you can't change the camera.

User Info: Manocheese

7 years ago#3
Same here. No other game has ever made me feel sick, but this one does. I think you're right about the constant bobbing being the cause.
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User Info: The_Shard

7 years ago#4
That's unfortunate.
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  3. This is the first game to ever give me motion sickness
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