I need help on The Siren's Deception

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User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
1 year ago#1
I've got the quest to where I am supposed to meet the gang at The Flowing Bowl.

However, once I enter, they attack instantly (BTW, I have finished the Thieves' Guild questline, and have a high Infamy.)

Do I need to reduce my Infamy before trying the quest?
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User Info: deity62103

1 year ago#2
The following is from Oblivion's wiki site:

"Signy Home-Wrecker has a very high aggression, so drawing a weapon or having high infamy may result in her immediately attacking you. She may also become hostile with a low disposition. "

So, yes, reduce your infamy and try again.

User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
1 year ago#3

However, the only way I know of to reduce Infamy is via the Pilgrimage.
3DS FC: 3110-4728-7791

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