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User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#1
I don't have Internet yet, but was wondering, who would be up for chat sessions? I figured when I get it, if anyone wanted, create a chat room and talk while playing Oblivion?

User Info: radial200

1 year ago#2
I'd be down for it, but I'm on XBL & my mic sucks. Sorry. :(

User Info: SusanGreenEyes

1 year ago#3
I haven't played Oblivion in awhile, but I'd be down for it.
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User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#4
Hopefully in the next month or so we will snag some Internet...then swap usernames and chat away.

User Info: lonewolf1264

1 year ago#5
lol that could be interesting. I could type on my phone while playing, but no internet for my laptop yet. Is there a chat function for all the systems?
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