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User Info: lonewolf1264

7 months ago#251
Bowhunter2525 posted...
I have gotten into trouble with doubled attribute skills before, but then it had to do with my choice of major skills and the role play. I was probably playing a Breton hybrid/battle mage type at the time and needed/wanted everything quickly. It helps to define your role play around your skill choice and stick with it.

LMAO I just enjoy being random so I can't stick to the lvl str, intell and endurance till they are maxed. I'm actually starting to think that speed is a big thing to build up early. My reasoning is pretty simple in my trials with my breton who is lvl10, I've found almost everyplace and have my athletics is in the upper 80s (minor skill), and is now taking forever to raise up. Sure I can use light armor (also minor) but me I light to lvl up my minor skills equally. Again it's me being odd
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User Info: lonewolf1264

7 months ago#252
radial200 posted...
Been working on clearing my back-log of games. I am planning a new Oblivion playthrough. Don't know when I'll get around to it though.

Anyway, all I've decided on so far are female, Altmer & thief. Haven't considered much beyond that though.

So, I'd like to quickly respond to a question ShibaRoekoe asked earlier. "How would you play a mage with -25 END& STR?" I'd play it the same as I'd play a mage on max difficulty settings. Basically, Destruction isn't great as a magic school on that setting. So, I use all of the other schools. Plus, I avoid melee combat. So, I use sneak, athletics, marksman & situationaly blade. I don't personally care for followers, but that's up to you. I use conjuration instead, but both could work. It's just that too many stray hits from one ally to another can be problematic. So, I just use summons. Anyway, I use a lot of alchemy. One for poisons & two for my more utility based stuff that there's no need to bother casting a spell for. That said though, I do still cast some utility spells from time to time. A lot of that depends on my birth sign. If I'm atronach, then yeah, more alchemy than casting. Otherwise, it's more casting & saving the less useful potions for re-sell. While keeping the poisons for use. Of course spell stacking, custome spells & enchantments are all in there too.

Anyway, that's how I would play that. I know that that wasn't an especially in depth of a response, but I don't know what you know & what you don't. So, if you have further questions, just ask.

The always helpful radial. Me I can't play leaving some skills undeveloped. I may not bring some up as often as others, but eventually I cover everything.
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User Info: ShibaRoekoe

7 months ago#253
Yes, the bound mace is wonderful; I use it on my Orc Warrior girl on the 360. Reasoning being a large focus on melee and wishing to really use the later Block perks.

The character I am currently training on PC is more of a hybrid with a sneaky look, and wishes to have 100% spell effectiveness :)

Shields are cool though, I agree.
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User Info: ShibaRoekoe

7 months ago#254
So I've got a new idea for a build, including several things I've never done before.

I will create a female Bosmer archer, with the lowest fatigue possible. A weakling physically, but shines with Marksman and useful stealth magic.

To do this, she will have minimum Strength, Willpower and Endurance and as many as 8 Fortify Fatigue sigil stones. Those enchantments will make archery between 3-4 times as strong.

However, she wears the cursed Necromancer's Amulet, lowering her Strength and Endurance to 5, so she will only have 25 pounds of carry weight, 58 health at lvl 17 (I believe). However, improved magicka will help her remain hidden, and weightless clothes and permanent Bound Bows should hopefully leave her with just enough room for arrows, potions and ingredients.

She will take the Apprentice birthstone, as she will be killed by her own sneeze anyways, which will give her a very useful boost to her magicka.

I may or may not let her start with 35 Strength/Endurance (10/10 with the amulet equipped), to slightly increase survivability and most importantly, carry weight.

She will only loot arrows, ingredients, potions and the occasional magical trinklet. She will have an alchemy set in one of the houses somewhere.

So, a super fragile girl with extremely powerful bow 'n' arrow, *once* she is properly equipped.

Thoughts? :)

PS: the lower the max fatigue, the stronger fortify fatigue affects damage. With 5 END/STR, 44 WIL and 100 AGI, you have 154 Fatigue. 8 pieces of fortify fatigue +50 adds another 400. According to the formula you divide total fatigue by max fatigue, for damage: 554/154=~3.6. So, this little bug means I get to do 360% of normal damage.
Pokemon Moon IGN: Michelino | FC: 0104 3693 6049
GT: Shibaroekoe | Fighter Pawn: Michirha

User Info: radial200

7 months ago#255
That sounds odd, in the best possible way. I'd be interested to hear up dates on this one. Will you use potions & spells to gain a temporary boost to carry weight? Take what you can & leave the rest? Make several trips? I realize that you said you're only taking arrows, ingredients, potions, poisons & the odd magic trinket, but 25 carry weight is soooo low. So what's your plan to deal with that?

Sounds like a great way to up the difficulty, without, necessarily, upping the difficulty. Brilliant. I love it. You are, of course, now bound by the unwritten rules of the board, to let us know how things go. Regular updates will be required.

Where? How? When did you come up with this build idea?

Anyway, to respond to lonewolf, I always max everything too. It's just that on the highest difficulty setting, some things are more useful than others. So, while I do train them up due to my O.C.D., I don't really use them in playing the game. Well, they may see some use, but not in direct comparison to others.

About speed. I don't bother tracking certain skills. Athletics being one of them. As I said elsewhere, it only takes roughly 1 & 1/2 relatively low skills being maxed to max the attribute. So, since athletics is a difficult skill to control, I just level it all willy-nilly. Also, when I find trouble skills, that's when I use trainers. It'd be more cost effective to use them early & grind that later levels yourself.

And yes, I am helpful. Thank you for both noticing & saying so. :)

User Info: Bowhunter2525

7 months ago#256
A problem with the weakling bow build is that bound bows are only elven base, so if you are going to relie on base damage at all I suggest getting Hatreds Soul (weight = 12) soon after reaching level 8 and updating it at levels 11, 14 and 19.

It is a different matter if you are going to relie on enchanted bound bows and poison, I suggest keeping your Marksman skill below 75 the whole game for that play because the knockdown effect makes it difficult to get poison shots off accurately befor your weakness to magic and weakness to poison enchantment runs out.

User Info: ShibaRoekoe

7 months ago#257
Just created the weakling archer and going through the reccomendation quests right now. I am super glad I do not yet possess the Necromancer's Amulet, as I haven't really adjusted to the low carry weight yet (and trying to get rid of 30+ raw meat from the tutorial).

I have found a spell tome that does 5 frost/fire/shock damage, so that definitely helps. Sometimes enemies get too close and my bow is too slow, so a quick spell helps here and there.

Found my first Bound Bow runestone and killed Shady Sam for that weightless/sneaky look (after buying his lockpicks).

My majors are:
- Marksman
- Sneak
- Speechcraft
- Alteration
- Heavy Armour
- Blunt
- H2H

Only the first two shall be used, and I chose alteration so that I would *NOT* use it for feather. As a major it won't go to 100, as I plan to cap at lvl 17.

Going with 10 STR/END, to eventually accomodate bows with weight.
Pokemon Moon IGN: Michelino | FC: 0104 3693 6049
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User Info: ShibaRoekoe

7 months ago#258
Gosh, I really need to double-post! I miss your input and I have a dilemma. I have trouble aiming while zoomed in!

Lmao just my luck :( It's an amazing character and the concept is great. But ZOOMING IN MAKES THE CAMERA GO ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH THE CONTROLLER ON PC!

there is a fix, lowering my camera sensitivity, but this will make it incredibly slow to turn around while walking around, exploring. And it is kinda important to be aware of my surroundings...

So until I figure out a solution for this, I will also play the weakling mage - same concept, but fortify magicka :) It's fun as well, and as an altmer apprentice mage I have nearly died from several spells already - while I have 35 END and 73hp. One mage did 72 damage at lvl 2 because of my extreme weakness.

(And strangely the right trigger stopped working on my controller program, but thats another issue and I've found a way around that lol)

Anyone got any advice for my zooming issue?
Pokemon Moon IGN: Michelino | FC: 0104 3693 6049
GT: Shibaroekoe | Fighter Pawn: Michirha

User Info: radial200

7 months ago#259
Uh, have you tried using a mouse & keyboard, rather than a controller? Much more accurate, you know.

Beyond that, you could try the more obvious fixes. Reboots, uninstall, reinstall game/controller compatability program, clear the cache (not sure if that's a thing on pc or not), playing with settings. If non of that works, try Google or Youtube. Or maybe one of the actual pc users have some more helpful advice.

User Info: lonewolf1264

7 months ago#260
yah things are different keyboard vs controller. Although boring as hell you might just spend a few hours practicing shooting, esoecially at range.
I understand this is a build you wish to do, but I'm not seeing the logic of doing nothing to increase your carry capacity. Considering the grey cowl alone gives you 200 feather with a couple pieces of the feather jewelery you could exceed 300. But it's your build so do it however you like.
I also am not understanding why you chose to kill shady sam. Along with the lockpicks, he can be a great source of strong poisons potions ect. He is also not evil so you now have a murder in your game, there are just so many other choices you could make among people to kill if you were looking for a way to start the dark brotherhood questline.
For free alchemy equipment you could travel to hawkhaven they have a alchemy room with all lvls of apparatus and most of the ingredients and another room has al the shivering isles ones.
Even more of a cheat is you could set the weight of any carried equipment to zero by making the item a quest item. That would work for almost anything really. Ingredients(mostly) and potions/poisons can't be made zero weight.
There are a few lightweight bows as well. The desolate mine quest has a 5 weight steel bow sword n warhammer. Again you could add grummite bows which also weigh 5 and are more powerful that bound bows. They don't have great health, but I love them bows to death.
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