Still More Fun Than Skyrim

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User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#1
I try, and I try, to enjoy Skyrim, but it bores me quuckly and easily. I decided to try an Orc on Oblivion, as I had on Skyrim, and honestly I just can't go back to Skyrim.

Granted, I tried a new build, and I regret my Major Skill choices...however, I'm not efficient leveling and just having a blast. I am a few hours in, so I don't know if I will restart, but I do know that this game is just amazing.

I tried two hand at first, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I did Skyrim, so I give it that. Put on a sword and shield, and man, it is awesome. I admit to clicking the difficulty down 10 notches, so I could adjust to the combat again, and I think I will need to set the slider back.

Oblivion...this game...just too dang awesome.

User Info: lonewolf1264

1 year ago#2
What to you personally is so much better? I haven't played skyrim, but it seems there are people that can't live without or is it with one of the games.
I wonder because I rarely see that one game or the other say among final fantasy games. I started out with ff3 n Zelda for snes, n in some ways games have vastly improved yet in others got worse.
Thoughts feelings without being rude to each other?
Comeon the thread won't bite you but it may sting a little.
No matter where you go there you are

User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#3
To me, Morrowind and Oblivion were an experience. Granted, I enjoyed Morrowind more, but I simply can not put in to words what it was like to play them for the first time.

They aren't for everyone, and to be honest I was turned off at first. There is so much that can be done at any given point...I felt I was in another world. I do what I want and when. These games are so complex and in depth, it requires some thinking to be honest on what you plan to do.

Skyrim comes along, I play and have fun. After I beat it, I felt empty. Many have said it was dumbed down, and I agree. It is more gamer friendly, and though there is a lot of content, to be honest, the depth isn't there. It also holds your hand in every way, where Morrowind and Oblivion, punished you for certain choices. Morrowind even had a message letting you know the world was doomed if you killed certain characters.

To me, Oblivion is the last true ES game. It is a step down from Morrowind, but it still retains that spirit. I don't feel I am playing a game, I am in another world. Skyrim is just a sandbox game to me, nothing more.

People will cry mods. Well, I played these games all Vanilla...and ES 3 and 4 are so amazing Vanilla, it goes to show how awesome they are. If I have to mod the crap out of Skyrim to enjoy, then that alone shows how lackluster Vanilla is, aka the game itself.

Keep in mind these are my opinions, and I know many don't agree. That is fine. To each their own. Now if you want me to talk about gameplay wise, and how Oblivion is better to me, then I can do that too!

User Info: SusanGreenEyes

1 year ago#4
I picked up Oblivion after not touching it since April.

I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started playing again.

I spent hours traveling around the map visiting each Daedric shrine in order to mark all of them on my map and get my offerings ready.

I love that I'm an ordinary mortal leaving gifts in the hope of summoning princes, as opposed to being the Dragonborn who is practically guaranteed an audience.

I'm liking the challenge of trying to slowly level by forcing myself to use skills I would typically never use in order to efficiently level the best I can.
Been a murder, over in Riften. Some old lady who runs an orphanage. Those poor children must be heartbroken.

User Info: lonewolf1264

1 year ago#5
Glad to see you back at it susan!
Yee gods the time I just wandered around trying to find everything. The wayshrines, the daedric shrines the forts the old buildings camps caves on and on and on. Staring at the screen and watching the moonlight hitting the dark alters, you could see it miles away.
Trying to race the black courier riders.
So many things I felt lost at times, you had general quests guild quests town quests. No order they had to be done so it's learn and grow as you go.
Not a perfect game but damn one that can certainty spirit you away from the real world for hours on end.
No matter where you go there you are

User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#6
I try so hard to enjoy Skyrim...but it keeps boring me...which is why I came back to Oblivion. Trying the different races...right now a Bosmer. Might go all out with her as a Heavy Armor Warrior! I like to go against the grain.

User Info: lonewolf1264

1 year ago#7
A bosmer spell type with heavy armor using beastly 2 handed hammers lol.
I'm a firm believer in playing all the races. And in going against the grain too. Had loads of fun running a orc as a thief spellcaster. I always go custom class, and usually sit staring at the sewer exit for hours debating how I'm gonna play that character, before I venture out into the world.
No matter where you go there you are

User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#8
I know Skyrim offers more to do in a ways for Roleplay (chop wood, be a smith, build house, etc) but let's not rule out Oblivion as well.

Check this...this may just be me, but I feel RPing a Hunter is very doable in Oblivion. Keep the leveling low, so the enemies stay mainly in the animal stage. Go around, hunt animals, sell pelts or whatever...and let us not forget arrows encumber! Though people suggest keeping 100 arrows max, it is easy to get carried away and have thousands of arrows in Skyrim. They weigh nothing. They are easy to make, and I feel it requires less effort in the challenge area for Hunter RPing...which is why it bores me whenever I tried to RP a Hunter.

In Oblivion, if you decided to RP and NEVER enter a city, you REALLY have to make each arrow count. You can't just create them, you have to be careful of running out. There is a Hunter outfit, and though it isn't armor, it fits the role nicely. The deer are more realistic to me...I much prefer the way they run versus Skyrim. Hunting is more of a challenge in Oblivion than Skyrim to me.

The HUD is less annoying, and when enemies attack, sometimes you have to search versus looking for a red dot in Skyrim.

These are all opinions, but I really feel for what it is, Oblivion has a much greater depth of immersion than what people give it credit for.

User Info: lonewolf1264

1 year ago#9
I'd some of those skyrim aspects ie chopping wood building a house, I wonder if there are mods for it for oblivion? Cropsford gets built, ect ect. And with so many burnt out or empty buildings in cities and out many would make a great home for one roll play or another. Even caves or forts, an option to permanently have one cleared? Say you had to have guards or undead or dogs or whatever hired and in place. Same as the dlc places.
As for armor the fur stuff offers little protection but would be in keeping with a hunter theme. Even fur or leather shields and even leather armor were fairly common among nomadic hunter gatherers. Another nice feature would be a make your own armor or a primitive armorer who could craft bone armor. I'm thinking mostly the SI realm, but..... lol who knows I have lots of ideas sadly I'm not working for bethesda and in a place of power to decide on game content
No matter where you go there you are

User Info: Arcade2

1 year ago#10
We all know the spell system is far superior...but the Conjuration tree is amazing. Whereas Skyrim offers a few Bound Weapons and no armor, Oblivion opens up a massive list of armor as well.

I will be honest, I have considered using the glitch to make Bound objects permanent. Having an Argonian decked out in Bound Armor and Claymore, then run around and smack those enemies good.

Bringing back the subject of character faces, believe it or not, I have been able to make some nice looking characters. Granted, still need work with female orcs...but I can get the other races to look nice. This is in part due to Oblivion offering in depth customization...otherwise I probably couldn't do it.

I hope down the road to get Oblivion on PC then try some mods...but for now I have PS3 only...but it is still fun.

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