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User Info: gohanx88

11 years ago#1
does anyone need help

User Info: AnneS1987

11 years ago#2
Hey, yeah I need help if you could. I'm stuck on the thrillville pirates section. It wants me to build an inverted coaster with four woah sections but I've done every task and I cant seem to unlock enough sections. Any tips?

User Info: Acid1013

11 years ago#3
do you or anyone know the pattern to upgrade the mechanics to level 3...i've been doin it for a while now and its super frustrating, b/c i had teh last one solved but ran out of time...and there are NO faqs ANYWHERE.

User Info: KyuSasorii

11 years ago#4
I want know the same thing as the guy above.
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User Info: daviddeady

11 years ago#6
i have the all the missions completed and am now trying to defeat the game masters i have beat a few of them but others are impossible to beat and tips on how to do it pls

User Info: MusicalChatot

11 years ago#7
Anne: Try solving the other mysteries in other parks? If you have, then if you've unlocked the next park already, try doing some stuff there. I didn't complete Fantasy until the end of the game!

Acid: Keep trying, there's no way around it.

David: There is no way around this. Try getting better at games by buying them in your park and playing them. I did every mystery and task.
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  3. if you need help message me
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