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User Info: jeremycards

9 years ago#1
since the topic was closed i'll response here. The game covers the entire gurren lagann story! (believe it or not). Tough it have some problems at the end because you dont get any of the other transformations beyond normal gurren lagann (that means no Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann trowing galaxies =( )tough there may be a good reason for that... they should change all the attacks and that would be lots of work, tough i dont know why they dont change to the last clothes =/ at least for simon... would have loved to see him with his long coat and cool glasses. Anyway, the game is Ok, the fact that there are so many attacks to unlock is fun, since every attack have his own animation (tough some are upgraded versions of previous attacks, the animation still changes). Some attacks are even humoristic, like gurren fire wich is an obvious parody/homenage to Mazinger Z.

Anyway, my veredict is: OK, not too bad for a first gurren lagann game, specially considering Evangelion (remember, same authors as gurren lagann) games sucked, from 800 games it have, only 2 are good ennough.
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