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User Info: ekamown

2 months ago#1
I just beat Summerill but still don't get what "U-Formation" means.

I thought understanding it might be very useful for preparing my team for super bosses.

My team in Gen 5 so far:
Rex (sword)

Field: Speed Zone
Only Ellis moves one space forward.
The rest can stay on their initial position while all linked. Winfield just needs to turn left/right. They are in 90s.
Well, then, until we meet again. Or "if we meet again".

User Info: MasterSquidward

2 months ago#2
U-Formation is a Special Art, and is generally considered to be one of the best ways to kill the super bosses in the post-game. To perform U-Formation, your party must consist of Leonhardt, Ladius, Thoma, Duran, Rex, and Dyshana, and all of them must use their EX3's at the same time. For more information on Special Arts, regard this page from the Agarest Fandom wiki: https://agarest.fandom.com/wiki/Combination_Attacks
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