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User Info: Noblefive

6 years ago#1
Hope these boards still have some people lurking around them, ill keep my fingers crossed.

I bought this game a while ago actually but never got around to playing it until I got its sequel on the steam summer sale.

Some backstory/info about my run thus far:

Currently in Gen 2

Married Elaine in gen 1 (I believe I had her at max affection)

Ladius is using fist weapons

I think im closing in on the end of Gen 2, I just beat the two bad guys in the castle in the first town you start at in gen 2.

Things im concerned about:

I haven't used any of my PP yet because im saving it as sort of an "emergency" boost incase I hit an enemy I cant beat. Is this an appropriate action, or should I just be using it as I get it?

I haven't gotten anyone in gen 2s affection up at all yet. I was originally going to go with Valeria, and basically build my children as pure physical/tank types focusing mainly on STR/VIT/AGI. The information is spotty about this whole process so im not really sure how im suppose to be doing it.

Ive been playing my team as a typical RPG setup with 3 tanky/damage dealing front liners, 2 primary mages and a ranged physical damage dealer for more combos (currently im using Borgnine, Ladius, Vashtor, Ellis, Winfield and Virra-Lor). This team has been working extremely well thus far as I haven't hit any hurdles what so ever against any of the bosses, but as I read more about the game im starting to think that perhaps im doing something wrong. I don't really have a firm understanding of the combat mechanics of the game outside of using combos in succession to wipe out enemies (the Break system I find especially mystifying. Does the Breaker weapon type increase that persons Break potential?). Im concerned that as I progress into gen 3 and on my team is going to be sub-optimal to the point that I may have to start over or just up and give up on the game.

So far ive been focusing each of my main party members points into 1 or 2 stats, 3 for my main character, STR/VIT/AGI for main, STR/VIT for tanky DPS, and pretty much pure INT for my casters with a little bit of VIT and AGI mixed in. Should I use my PP to flesh these stats out more (more VIT for casters? AGI for tanks?) or am I doing this right?

I think that's really all for now. This game is a lot more in depth that any of the other RPGs ive ever played and frankly im a little overwhelmed with it all. On top of that im finding the pacing to be painfully slow in terms of blacksmithing and skill research, as ive been using a lot of the same gear for a really long time and I haven't acquired access to blacksmithing beyond Silver tier yet (though I have access to Mythril gear already, I lack the materials to craft it). Im also finding the combat to be pretty dull, which usually causes me to stop playing during some of the longer series of random encounters between events.

Anyway, thanks for the help if anyone happens to still use these boards.
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  3. Need all kinds of help I think...
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