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User Info: Artavasdus

11 years ago#1
I have just seen this boxart, posted by a neogaf user as the one used for the Ghostlight PAL release: http://i25.tinypic.com/zum7bd.jpg

Since evanac here is a Ghostlight employee, I would like to know (if possible) if this one is the real, final, legitimate european boxart for Agarest Generations of War, or if it is simply a previous build or some sort of joke.

In the case this is confirmed, imho it is rather risky to use a boxart such as this, reminiscent of those somewhat hilarious westernized covers of japanese games in the '80\'90 (look Cosmic Fantasy 2 for reference, that one is incredible even after more than a decade XD), since the target niche is probably attracted by the original character design.

Seeing how some american gamers are willing to buy the european edition just for the sake of the physical copy, using a craptastic artwork is not the nicest thing to do in order to please the already small Agarest fanbase

User Info: tatsuya1221

11 years ago#2
While i'm not ghostlight, 2 things to remember:

1.how did he get this cover?Ghostlight currently has not posted the cover anywhere.

2.this pic came from neogaf, which is a rumormill, beyond that, just look at the ps3 slim mockup someone did on there that turned out to be a photoshopped fake, basically if this came from gamespot, i'd believe it more, however neogaf is known for it's rumors and photoshopped images.

User Info: Artavasdus

11 years ago#3
Of course you are absolutely right, this could well be a fake, and as you can see I have simply requested some info on the matter, refraining for calling it "true" without basis ;)

Even so there is something strange, since the westernized artwork perfectly matches one of AGoW's characters, and it would be quite an hassle to make such an artwork from scratch just to joke around with a thumbnail-size fake pic.
Secondly, even if it is true that Ghostlight still hasn't revealed the boxarts for the regular and collector's edition of AGoW, it is not impossible to have a pic leaked, and it has happened in the past.

Let's wait for evanac, hoping that the neogaf user was wrong :P

User Info: Belphegor86

11 years ago#4
I really can't see them coming up with something as crappy as this surely. They did a pretty good job with the DDS2 collector's edition cover. None of it is in keeping with the theme/style of the game at all. And tbh I've never seen a age certification look like that on any EU game cover - aren't those things usually a standardized format? I tend to think this one is a fake.

Personally I was hoping they would keep the Japanese cover with just a title change but I guess that probably won't happen.

User Info: Artavasdus

11 years ago#5
Yes, the Ghostlight jrpg boxarts so far have been surely good, from the two DDS to Shadow Hearts FTNW, and I was very surprised to read of something THIS bad coming from them, even only as an hypothesis.

That said, I felt the need to clarify this point with a Ghostlight employee, since the news is spreading from gaf to other boards, and it could damage the sales of the european release (especially among those american gamers who were supporting that over Aksys'digital delivery for collectionistic reasons).

User Info: Astyanax

11 years ago#6
Even if the Boxart is ugly as hell, which I think it is. I don't think it's going to make the people anticipating the game, not buy it. Now, any random person that knows nothing about the game, just walking into a store looking around, after seeing that cover will probably be turned off, almost immediately.
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User Info: ChunkyMonkeyLOL

11 years ago#7
If anyone thinks that's real...lol.
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User Info: Devilkratos

11 years ago#8
"And tbh I've never seen a age certification look like that on any EU game cover"

Its the new updated PEGI system the colour depends on the age starting from green and going up to red.
But I still think this is a fake

User Info: Belphegor86

11 years ago#9
^Seriously? When did that come into effect?
Lol - just goes to show how long it has been since I've actually bought a PAL game!

User Info: evanac

11 years ago#10
Hi guys,

Well it's about time I turned up to talk about all the furore over the cover...

The artwork you've seen with the 3D render of Leonhardt is one of several options. Nothing is final at this stage.

The 3D art can be seen alongside a more traditional option (which I personally prefer) here:


If anyone has a preference please chip. We can still explore changing things, especially if it pleases our audience! ;)

Let me know your thoughts, although I have a secret suspicion which cover might be more popular based on the feedback so far. ;)

Cheers guys,

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