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User Info: coolsprus101

10 years ago#1
All credits goes to juniorgonzolezz
Alright so this is potentially the most frustrating achievement in Civilization Revolution. I know I had a lot of trouble acquiring the last Great Person, so I figured a guide would probably benefit the many people who post here having difficulties as well.
First things first, you have to get all 46 Great People, divided up into 6 different categories: Scientist, Builder, Humanitarian, Artist/Thinker, Explorer, and Leader. Each Great Person has a specific corresponding technology and era. After researching a Great Person’s technology, the chances of you earning that Person significantly increases. Each Great Person's corresponding Era also increases your chances of getting them. A list of all will follow on the next post.

Other Era Tips

Ancient: (Warchief)
The best plan for any Ancient Era Great Person is to research their tech as QUICK AS POSSIBLE. Start off as the French, (they begin with a Cathedral), and save your game to begin with, to come back and load to. Begin researching your GP's tech. Stick with one city for now, your main one, and change your city production to SCIENCE. While you are doing this, begin construction of the Stonehenge Wonder, increasing the effectiveness of temples by 50%. Once Stonehenge has been built, build the Great Pyramid then the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Wonder. The Great Pyramid will give you all government types, immediate switch to MONARCHY, (double palace culture), and the Gardens will increase your population. If you still have time before the Medieval Era, build a Granary to increase your population even more. Once you hit the Medieval Era, you can reload the save you made at the beginning of the game, and start over again.

Medieval: (Warchief)
Make sure you’re on the right track to researching Religion, and figure out again what technology your Great Person needs. Also make sure your government type is Monarchy. Build the Shakespeare’s Theatre Wonder in your largest culture producing city, (probably your capital city), and then build the Magna Carta wonder, so Courthouses will begin to produce culture for you, and continue to build cities every once in a while, (you will probably earn a settler unit, which you will want to build a new city with). This strategy works best with 2-4 cities. Continue to build Temples, Cathedrals and Courthouses in each of your cities. Once you have built those, build Granaries, Harbors and Aqueducts to increase city population. I find it works best if you split your cities up, a couple producing science, and a couple producing gold so you have a nice mix of both. If you feel ambitious, more cities is always better, but make sure you aren’t draining your other cities of population too drastically.

Industrial: (Warchief)
More of the same here, just make sure you continue to build Temples, Cathedrals and Courthouses in each new city. Eventually, your culture will high enough you will start converting cities, and just make sure you are doing the same in those cities. Once those 3 buildings are complete, start building Granaries, Aqueducts and Harbors.

Modern: (Warchief)
Again, continue with the same strategy as listed before. Figure out your GP’s tech, research it ASAP, and continue to build Temples, Cathedrals and Courthouses in each city. In your capital city, start building the Hollywood wonder, as it will increase flipped cities, which will add to your Culture without subtracting from any city’s Population. If you feel the need for more gold, building the Internet wonder will help out with that.

User Info: coolsprus101

10 years ago#2
Agamemnon------------------Leader------------------Iron Working---------Ancient
Roald Amundsen-----------Explorer-----------------Combustion---------Modern
Charles Babbage----------Artist/Thinker-----------Networking-----------Industrial
J.S. Bach----- ----------------Artist/Thinker-----------Religion---------------Industrial
Thomas Becket-------------Humanitarian----------Feudalism------------Medieval
Alexander G. Bell-----------Scientist-----------------The Corporation----Modern
Christopher Columbus----Explorer-----------------Banking---------------Medieval
Marie Curie------------------Scientist-----------------Metallurgy------------Industrial/Modern
Vasco da Gama-------------Explorer----------------Navigation------------Medieval
Leonardo da Vinci----------Builder------------------Invention-------------Medieval
Fyodor Dostoevsky--------Artist/Thinker-----------Industrialization-----Industrial
Frederick Douglass-------Humanitarian-----------Railroad---------------Industrial
Thomas Edison-------------Scientist-----------------Electricity-------------Modern
Albert Einstein--------------Scientist-----------------Atomic Theory-------Modern
Enrico Fermi----------------Scientist------------------Nuclear Power------Modern
Henry Ford-------------------Builder------------------The Automobile------Modern
Gilgamesh-------------------Builder-------------------Horseback Riding--Ancient
Johannes Gutenburg-----Humanitarian----------Printing Press--------Medieval
W.R. Hearst-----------------Explorer------------------Mass Media---------Modern
Imhotep----------------------Builder--------------------Ceremonial Burial---Ancient
Lao Tzu-----------------------Humanitarian----------Irrigation---------------Ancient
Otto Lilienthal--------------Scientist-------------------Flight-------------------Industrial/Modern
Guglielmo Marconi------Scientist-------------------Electronics------------Modern
Karl Marx-------------------Artist/Thinker-------------Communism----------Industrial
Florence Nightingale----Humanitarian------------Gunpowder------------Industrial/Modern
Marco Polo----------------Explorer-------------------Currency---------------Medieval
Sargon----------------------Explorer-------------------Bronze Working-----Ancient
Albert Schweitzer --------Humanitarian------------Globalization---------Modern
Solomon--------------------Scientist------------------Code of Laws--------Ancient
George Stephenson----Builder---------------------Steel--------------------Industrial
Leopold Stokowski------Artist/Thinker-------------Superconductor-----Modern
Tippu Sultan--------------Explorer-------------------Space Flight-----------Industrial
James Watt----------------Builder--------------------Steam Power----------Industrial
Eli Whitney----------------Humanitarians-----------Mass Production-----Industrial
Wilbur Wright-------------Explorer-------------------Advanced Flight------Industrial/Modern

User Info: Mellerker500

10 years ago#3
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