Can someone clarify a few basics for me?

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  3. Can someone clarify a few basics for me?

User Info: Jeggzilla

6 years ago#1
What exactly does population do? When you produce more food, you get a larger population, yes? But what exactly does having this bigger population do for you? Does it expand your borders (like perimeter around your cities that has your color)? What exactly does it mean to have your color bigger or smaller, like how does that aid you?

My understanding is that a bigger population helps increase production, so why would you build a building that increases population which then increases your production, when you can just build a building that increases production without the middleman?

SCIENCE. How does it help you? I THINK that having more science decreases the time it takes to research a new technology like the alphabet or something, is that correct?

And then what does culture do?

Sorry for all the questions. I just bought this game from gamestop and they did not have the original case or instruction manual or anything, so I'm kind of trying to figure this out through trial and error. I searched online for these answers first and I didn't come across this basic, basic info.
wolfgard hannusen 6 years ago#2
Trade = Science and/or Gold.
Science (Blue Beakers) is needed to develop new Technologies.
Gold can be used to buy things.

Production = Build (Hammers).

Food = Increase Population.
The more Citizens you have the more you can do all of the above.

Culture = Attracts Great People and increases Area of Influence (Color).

Read the in game Civilopedia.
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  3. Can someone clarify a few basics for me?

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