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goodwin24 11 years ago#1

Is there anyone who can share some wisdom with me. I am looking to make a large amount of money. I have a very good collection of cars building. What I want to know though, is there a quick and easy way to earn some money? Whats the best events etc... you can do?

PFirefly 11 years ago#2
The only wisdom I can impart, is the knowledge of the search bar. It's right there above the list of threads, and only requires you to type a single word before pressing enter. When you do, the knowledge of 1000 repetitive topics will wash over you.
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_Stangman63_ 11 years ago#3
In the extreme german touring car challenge for B spec there's a 2 lap race around nurburgring that pays 45,000 for 15 minutes racing, you dont have to watch it since it's B spec plus your drivers benefit. There's really not a lot of races worthy of a decent grind for cash but at least with this one you can go do something else and save your time.
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acangial 11 years ago#4

What level does your b-spec need to be in order to open up that race? Thanks for the tip.
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VinceTheBone 11 years ago#5
birthday gift exploit!!! use year 44 and you'll get a car that's worth 73,500$ everytime you load the game! take 3-4 minutes to do the trick! if you're fast enough you can get almost 1 million per hour!
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Fade2black001 11 years ago#6
Level 11 Daytona Race track in The Supercar Festival nets 17.3k in about 2mins 20 secs depending on your vehicle.

Level 17 next area The Turbo Challenge at the High speed ring tracks. This track gives you 36k for 1st and with a decent vehicle can be completed in 3 mins 30secs or less .
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URABUSWRXSTi 11 years ago#7
I don't know what level you are but, I do the TURBO Challenge High speed ring in the expert race series.

I have a riced out WRX STi, its only 3 laps, takes me about 3 and a half minutes and nets 36,000 credits.
PFirefly 11 years ago#8
If you're going to do the high speed ring for 36k, a bugatti will do it in 3:10 or less, and a Zonda will do it less than 3 minutes
"Nothing finishes off a Hard run like a tall glass of freshly Filtered Water." - BakusaiTenketsu
hakkujin75 11 years ago#9
American Championship (Level 23) Tires: no limit Entry requirements: Country - USA Super-Speedway - Indianapolis (5 laps) -Laguna Seca (5 laps) 1: 98 000 Cr. 2nd: 70 000 Cr. 3rd: 62 000 Cr.
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DFL05 11 years ago#10

same track but use the veyron 16.4 '09 over 1,000 hp youll finish the race in barely over 3min!!

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