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User Info: c0pp3rf3ild

10 years ago#1
My bro-in-law got this game for us last thursday, but ever since he got it, I have lost almost every game!
the main reasons for this are:
1.- I suck at this game
2.- He is always Brazil, Portugal or argentina
His tactics are:
If he starts with the ball- pass back a few times, pass to some guy, then proceed to set me up, if not, he will attack the hell out of me.
He likes to run along the top half of the screen either way, and his most common formation is defensive. So... How do I beat him???
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User Info: barn83

10 years ago#2
practice when he's not around.
learn how to shoot and pass.
learn how to dribble
learn how to use through pass (the triangle button),
then most importantly, learn how to use the radar to find free players to pass to.
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User Info: 1337onator

10 years ago#3
To help with your defence:

Remember to make players close him down using the pressure button(s). Either square (AI closes down) or X (your currently controlled player closes down) or both of them together (2 people closes down). Careful though, stamina may be depleted and gaping holes may come out. It's better that you control a DC while you hold the square button.


Pass a few times, don't let him get the ball.
When he's closing you down, pass it to the free man he left behind.
If it's on the wing, make a run forward
That'll help
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