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User Info: CeidwadyrArfau

10 years ago#1
Does anyone know where I can find a full list of newcomers, along with (preferably) their stats?

I have checked pretty much every FAQ site and also have the official strategy guide but no joy.

Any help appreciated.

User Info: 1337onator

10 years ago#2
you sir, are mad

Newcomers are not justified and are randomly spawned.

So random that I've never seen Eaton or have Orellano come 5 seasons later. For example Kim U Don (U D Kim) spawned in my first season, in my other game, I've never seen that guy

User Info: 1337onator

10 years ago#3
Newcomers' skills ARE JUSTIFIED, not their time of creation, to clear things up.

Sorry for the posting consecutively twice before another has posted after me in an arguable manner that seems absurd

User Info: Fist_of_Sabin

10 years ago#4

this may help

User Info: 1337onator

10 years ago#5
Strike that, there is a place to see all the newcomers

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