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  3. how is this better then FIFA

User Info: Bauers-Twin

10 years ago#1

peopel always say PES > FIFA.

I've always been a FIFA guy and FIFA got a better score then this game, whats so much better about this game? thanks for your info.

User Info: Ronaldo9987

10 years ago#2
Well first of all its alot more realistic gameplay
i would say better AI and just smoother in my opinion
the only thing fifa got on pes is the updated kits and players
but u can just get a option file :D
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User Info: barn83

10 years ago#3
rent and compare.
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User Info: dracula_bakula

10 years ago#4
It's cheaper than FIFA and the game play is better.

FIFA was a better career mode and more clubs and leagues. PES doesn't have the rights to all the leagues, for example , the Premiership is made up of fake teams that resemble the real ones. Liverpool is merseyside red, and Chelsea is London blue but most of the players are there.

Some people are off put by PES's difficulty but if you lower the difficulty it is about the same difficulty as FIFA's default.

User Info: 1337onator

10 years ago#5
for starters, you can make a person in PES dribble through 5 people and score a goal rather than play possession football against weaker AIs. In the PSP version of FIFA (the only one I'm going to ever play), even when I use Lionel Messi or CR, no, I can never pass 3 or more players. I MUST PASS BECAUSE THIS IS FIFA.

FIFA's gameplay is very weak imo. You just pass pass pass pass pass woops through ball, scores!

In PES though, there's more freedom. I can dribble through 3 players using Ronaldo and then do a roulette (that move thing where you suddenly turn around with the ball) on the last man and shoot a powerful, solo effort goal. Scoring a goal in PES is way more pleasing than FIFA. Believe me, in the PSP version, in the corner kick, I found a huge exploit. After you have a short pass, pass it back to the corner taker who should be on the pitch right then. Now just let the guy go to the penalty box and when you're close enough just shoot. In PES, whenever I try to do this, defenders close me down. Shows the lack of AI in FIFA (PSP, haven't tried PS2, scared of wasting my time and money)

User Info: Mega_Mind

10 years ago#6
I'll tell you why PES is better, cuz its name its FIFA for god's sake...
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